Investigative Services Unit


Investigative Services Unit

The Investigative Services Unit’s mission is to identify and apprehend those accountable for the commission of various crimes, such as homicides, sexual assaults, robberies, burglaries, thefts and aggravated assaults, to recover stolen property and eliminate suspicion for the innocent and those wrongfully accused. Following up on the initial efforts of patrol and community service officers, the Redlands Police Department’s Investigative Services Unit takes the responsibility for criminal investigations and unresolved field investigations.

The Investigative Services Unit also houses the Crime Analysis, Maps and Statistics group, and maintains the School Safety Updates page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is every crime investigated by a detective?

No. The Redlands Police Department issues over 1000 case numbers per month. Cases are prioritized by the seriousness of the crime and certain solvability factors such as suspects known or described, vehicle descriptions, serialized property and recovered evidence.

If I discover additional property missing, serial numbers, or possible evidence of a crime I reported, should I call a detective?

A: No. Please call the Dispatch/Communications Department at our business number 798-7681, and they will assign a patrol officer to take a supplemental report and forward that to the assigned detective, or you can come to the police department and fill out a supplemental report. You may also file an online report here.

How can I get my stolen property back?

The best way to increase your chances of getting stolen items back is to mark them with your drivers license number and record the serial numbers. If stolen property is recovered by officers or detectives and can be identified, the property owner will be contacted and told how to get it back. On occasion, certain property may be needed as evidence for court proceedings and will be returned at a later time.

I have called for a detective on more than one occasion and they are always out. How can I contact them?

Please realize that the detectives are usually out in the field investigating their assigned cases. However, we have an excellent voice mail message system and e-mail is checked regularly. Also, you may call the Dispatch at 798-7681 to contact available detective. If the detective you wish to speak to is out, please leave a message with your name, day and evening phone numbers and your case number if possible. We are committed to responding back to you as soon as we can.

Can I report a crime, or information on someone suspected of a crime, without identifying myself?

Yes. The Crime Stoppers phone number is 335-4747. If you wish to give the information to a detective you may ask for one and remain anonymous. We believe that the information provided by anonymous citizens is very important in solving crime and stopping offenders.

How long does it take for my case to be assigned to a detective?

Once a report is made, either by an officer taking the report or a citizen filing it, it needs to be completed by an officer, signed off by a supervisor, filed with the records bureau, entered into the records management system and copies made and distributed. The Investigative Supervisor then receives the reports, scans them for assignment priority and assigns them. Once an investigator receives the report, he then assigns it a priority relative to his entire caseload. It is not unusual for a report to take two to three weeks to be assigned to an investigator.

Can I get restitution for damages and losses related to a crime

It is possible, but restitution is generally a function of the District Attorney’s office, the courts, and the probation office if they become involved. The Police Department is not involved in restitution issues.

What do I do if I find my residence or business has been broken into?

Try not to touch or disturb anything. If you can call police from a neighbors house, that would be best. Standby outside the area and keep others out also. Preserving evidence is a great help in recovering clues to lead us to the perpetrators.

Should I talk to my neighbors?

It is the general practice of officers to attempt to contact possible witnesses to any crime while at the crime location. Often neighbors are unavailable at the time of the officer’s attempts to contact them. Please contact your neighbors to see if they may have noticed any unusual or suspicious activities or persons in or around the area. Pass on any positive information to the patrol officer on your beat. They will forward it to the detectives.

Identity Theft

We have put together some tips on how to avoid identity theft on our Crime Prevention page.

If you feel you are a victim of identity theft, please see our Identity Theft page.

To learn how to protect yourself from identity theft, visit the Federal Trade Commission page on identity theft.

About the Investigative Services Unit

Criminal investigations include gathering information, interviewing parties, and collecting evidence. Arresting offenders and recovery of stolen property is accomplished through the evaluation of crime trends and patterns, identifying and locating past and probable offenders, and using modern police technology and the forensic sciences. By developing and maintaining active relationships between the Redlands Police Department and other law enforcement agencies, social service organizations, local citizen groups, and the District Attorney, the investigators successfully bring criminal cases to prosecution and conclusion.

In addition to the suppression of crime, the Investigative Services Unit builds a bridge between the Police Department and the community by providing resources to train and educate the community regarding criminal offenses, which can seriously impact everyday lives and property, and in the prevention of those offenses.

The Investigative Services Unit consists of one lieutenant, one sergeant, five detectives, one officer-investigator. Investigative personnel are on duty Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. The I.S.B. is located in the Redlands Police Department Annex at 30 Cajon St., across from the Civic Center.

Violent Crimes Unit

Homicide, robbery, rape, assault

Property Crimes Unit

Burglary, theft, forgery, fraud, auto theft

Special Victims Unit

Child abuse, sexual assault

Crime Scene Investigations Unit    

Evidence processing, fingerprints, property  

Contact Us

Redlands Police Department Annex
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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1025 , Redlands CA 92373

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Commander Stephen Crane (909) 335-4794

Sergeant Patrick Leivas (909) 798-7627


School Safety Updates

Keeping our schools safe is one of the highest priorities of the Redlands Police Department. We have created this webpage to keep parents and students informed of the current investigation status of rumored threats to our schools.