Patrol Services Bureau


Patrol Services Bureau

The Patrol Services Bureau is comprised of Patrol, Custody, and the Field Training and Evaluation Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I call 911?

The emergency 911 system should be used to report emergency situations that are in progress or just occurred, such as traffic collisions, fires, medical problems and crimes. To report incidents that are not life threatening or do not require the immediate response of emergency personnel, calls should be made to our business line or by using our Citizens Online Police Reporting System..

Why should I report minor thefts, vandalism or losses my insurance company won’t cover?

Whenever you are the victim of a crime you should report it so that the activity can be tracked and potential crime trends noted. By doing this you may alert the department to a problem we were not aware of and save other members of the community similar losses. If you choose to report an incident with no suspect information, the Department’s online reporting system allows you to do so at your convenience without leaving your home or work. For more information, check out our Citizens Online Police Reporting System.

I wish to report a minor incident, but don’t want to trouble an officer with responding to my home or business. What can I do?

You can stop at the main police building to file a report in person, or you may use the Citizens Online Police Reporting System.

Can I report my peace being disturbed even though it is not after 10 p.m.?

Yes. While the common rule of thumb suggests that you can only report loud noises, music and similar disturbances if they occur after 10 p.m., these incidents can and should be reported at any time of the day or night when your personal peace is disturbed by the activity.

If I see suspicious activity occurring, can I request a patrol to drive by?

Yes. You can request a patrol at any time by using our Extra Patrol Request portal, or by calling our business line and asking for an extra patrol.

I’m going to be away from my home or business for a period of time, can I arrange for extra patrol?

Yes. To make a request for extra patrol of your home or business, you can use the online Vacation House Check Request portal, or you can call our business line and ask for a Vacation House Check. The Civilian Volunteer Patrol will then do periodic checks of the property.

For more information, check out our While You Are Away Program.

Custody Specialists

The Department operates a temporary lockup facility and contracts custody services to a private vendor. This contract provides a civilian custody officer to assist with the booking and transport of prisoners at a significantly lower cost compared to the provision of these services by patrol officers. The use of private custody officers also helps to ensure that our patrol resources remain in the City providing service to the community rather than transporting prisoners to jail facilities throughout the county.

The Custody Specialists who work at the Redlands Police Department are trained in Federal and State laws and department policies dealing with jail facilities and prisoner security. They also receive training in First Aid, C.P.R. and other areas critical to their assignment. The Custody Specialists take great pride in their work and have proven themselves to be an extremely valuable asset to the department.

You can reach a Custody Specialist by calling (909) 798-7651

Field Training and Evaluation Program

The Redlands Police Department has a comprehensive 24 week Field Training and Evaluation Program. Trainee officers receive 22 weeks of structured training under the constant supervision of a certified Field Training Officer, then participate in a two week “ghost” phase, where they receive their final evaluations and are certified to work alone. The Field Training and Evaluation Program consists of, but is not limited to; department orientation, officer safety, use of force, report writing, “high risk” traffic stops, accident investigation, traffic enforcement and community oriented policing. Each new police officer, whether a recent graduate of the police academy or a lateral transfer, must successfully complete the field training program.

The Field Training and Evaluation Program is coordinated by a sergeant who oversees the 14 police officers who are certified as Field Training Officers (F.T.O.). The officers chosen to fill this role have been selected because they have displayed a mastery of police practices and a desire to teach. They receive specialized training in the area of adult learning and use that information to ensure that new officers have all the tools they need to succeed as solo police officers.

About Us

The Patrol Services Bureau is commanded by a lieutenant, who supervises the seven patrol teams. Each patrol team is comprised of a sergeant, who serves as the shift Watch Commander, a corporal, who serves as the Field Supervisor, and five officers. Each team has officers trained in specialty areas such as; Crime Scene Technician, Field Training Officer, and Rangemaster.

The uniformed patrol officer is one of the most visible members of the Redlands Police Department. Patrol officers provide twenty four hour a day service to the community, responding to a variety of emergency and non-emergency calls for service, conducting targeted patrols, and enforcing traffic laws.

Patrol officers work a 12 1/2 hour day, three days per week, plus one 10 hour day each month. Officers are deployed using a data driven strategy that seeks to put officers in areas experiencing elevated levels of crime and disorder. In addition to handling calls for service, officers are given opportunities to make contact with business owners and the community on a more personal level. This serves to keep the officer in touch with the needs and expectations of the citizens and provides a climate for problem identification and resolution.

Contact Us

1270 W. Park Ave, #C Redlands, CA 92373
Business Line: (909) 798-7681
Fax: (909) 798-7639

Custody Specialist: (909) 798-7651