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Assistance & Resources for Employees Affected by COVID-19


A variety of support services for employees affected by COVID-19. Many of the programs and services must be initiated via the website provided.

State of California Employment Development Department-   Worker Resources for Employees Who Have Lost Employment Due to COVID-19

  1. Unemployment Benefits Guide
  2. Steps for Receiving Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  3. Additional Funds for Workers and Businesses
  4. Sick or Quarantined- File a claim if you are unable to work or have been exposed to COVID-19. File a Disability Insurance (DI) claim;
  5. Caregiving-  If you are unable to work because you are caring for an ill or quarantined family member with COVID-19 (certified by a medical professional), you can file a Paid Family Leave (PFL) claim;
  6. School Closures- If your child’s school is closed and you have to miss work to be there for them, you may be eligible for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits. File an Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim and an EDD representative will decide if you are eligible;
  7. Reduced Work Hours- If your employer has reduced your hours or shut down operations due to COVID-19, you canfile an Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim;
  8. Self-Employed- The available benefits are insurance programs.  To be eligible, either you or an employer had to make contributions in the past 5 to 18 months.  It is possible that contributions were made at a prior job, or if you were misclassified as an independent contractor.  Visit Self-Employed/Independent Contractor to learn more.
  9. Sick Leave- FAQs on laws enforced by the California Labor Commissioner’s Office.

ONWARD CALIFORNIA- One Stop Resource for the People of California Impacted by Job Loss During the COViD-19 Pandemic

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