Citizen's Oversight Committee


Measure T Citizen’s Oversight Committee


The Measure T Oversight Committee is an independent committee established to serve in an advisory capacity to the city council for the purpose of providing independent advisory review of the proposed expenditure of revenues generated by the City’s transactions and use tax. The committee shall advise the city council regarding the use of transactions and use tax revenue, according to the priorities set forth in each fiscal year adopted budget.  The duties of the committee shall include review of the City’s expenditure of revenues received from the one percent (1%) transactions and use tax imposed by Measure T, on an annual basis; act in an advisory capacity to the city council in all other policy matters pertaining to Measure T funds; and present an annual written report to the city council.


We anticipate the first meeting of the Measure T Oversight Committee to be held in May 2021.

Residents interested in applying for the non-salaried position on this commission may request application forms from the Office of the City Manager, City Hall, 35 Cajon Street, Suite 200 or by phone at 798-7510, or on the City’s website        

Deadline for filing applications is March 12, 2021.

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Measure T Oversight Committee Application 

Community Meeting

Residents interested in applying shall be a resident of the city with the exception of the two members representing the City’s employee bargaining units, and shall be neither a member of any other standing commission, board or committee of the city nor an employee thereof. The Measure T Oversight Committee shall consist of seven (7) members who shall each, with the exception of the two (2) members representing the city’s employee bargaining units, serve for a four (4) year term and, until his or her successor is appointed.  The city’s employee bargaining unit members shall each serve for one fiscal year beginning July 1 of each year and ending June 30 of the following year.  The five (5) citizen members of the committee shall each be selected from one council district, and be appointed by the council member of that corresponding district, with the approval of the city council.