City Council

The City of Redlands is a general law city incorporated in 1888. It is governed by the City Council/City Manager form of government.

The City Council consists of five representatives chosen by the constituency of their respective districts. The Mayor and Mayor Pro Tempore rotate on a bi-annual schedule determined by seniority based on a council member’s continuous service on City Council without having served as Mayor. The second most senior council member will serve as Mayor Pro Tempore.

City Manager

Charlie Duggan

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the City. He supervises the various City services, prepares proposals for Council consideration, and implements Council policy. 

The City Manager is Charles M. Duggan, Jr.

You may contact Charles M. Duggan, Jr., City Manager, by any of the following methods: 


City Attorney

The City Attorney is appointed by the City Council to serve as its legal advisor. She reviews reports, studies, proposed policies, ordinances, resolutions, contracts and official actions of the City to determine their legal implications and make recommendations to the City Council.

The City Attorney may be contacted through the City Manager’s Office.


City Treasurer
Phillip Doolittle

photo of Treasurer Doolittle

Appointed June 20, 2023 
Current Term 2023 – 2024

Address: 35 Cajon Street, Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 909-798-7591
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Email address:


Statutory duties of the City Treasurer as defined by California Government Code Section 41001-41007 are as follows:


Open Government

The City’s Open Data Portal is intended for a variety of uses. First and foremost, this collection of resources is directed at providing more straightforward ways to communicate information to our customers, residents and civic partners within the community.

These tools seek to promote the City’s Core Values of Financial Accountability; Fairness, Honesty and Integrity; and Open, Clear and Frequent Communications.


Strategic Plan

Utilizing the City Council’s five priority focus areas of Quality of Life, Public Health and Safety, Equity and Inclusion, and Sustainability, the Strategic Plan highlights activities and accomplishments that City staff will complete in the coming three years. The report guides readers through the City’s four Priority Focus Areas (PFAs). At the beginning of each PFA section, the introduction page outlines the strategies and objectives for the specific focus area.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The City of Redlands recognizes the importance of community engagement with Redlands’ stakeholders to ensure the City’s initiatives are properly communicated to them. Moreover, the City recognizes the importance stakeholders play in the development of these initiatives to ensure the City’s vision not only aligns with the vision of the community, but also where diversity, equity and inclusion are key considerations in the development of truly impactful initiatives.