Commissions & Boards


Commissions & Boards

Redlands’ Commissions and Boards provide many opportunities for residents to become involved in the City. As an advisory body, commissions and boards make recommendations to the City Council.

Meeting Schedule


Agendas for each meeting are available at Redlands City Hall and are posted in the window of the City Clerk’s Office facing Cajon Street. Additional information on each specific commission or board, as well as agendas and minutes, can also be accessed by clicking on each respective commission or board (if available) or by contacting City staff at the telephone number provided.


Current Openings on Commissions and Boards

Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Redlands encourages residents to apply for a position on the following commissions and/or boards:

Traffic and Parking Commission


Airport Advisory Board

The Airport Advisory Board acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council in all matters pertaining to the administration, operation, development, improvement, and maintenance of the Redlands Municipal Airport.

Staff Liaison: Carl Bruce Shaffer
Council Liaisons: Paul Barich (primary), Eddie Tejeda (alternate)

AAB Speaker Slip

Overview Citrus Division

Citrus Preservation Commission

The Citrus Preservation Commission recommends to the City Council policies for the acquisition, improvement, preservation, and retention of citrus properties within the City.

Staff Liaison:  Erik Reeves
Council Liaisons: Jenna Guzman-Lowery (primary), Denise Davis (alternate)


Cultural Arts Commission

The Cultural Arts Commission promotes public interest in the Arts, recommends new art programs and funding for those programs, and recommends to the City Council policies to encourage, develop, and support the Arts in Redlands. The Commission also advises the City Council in the administration of the City’s Art in Public Places program.

Staff Liaison: Tricia Swope
Council Liaisons: Jenna Guzman-Lowery (primary), Denise Davis (alternate)


Disaster Council

It shall be the duty of the City Disaster Council, and it is empowered, to develop and recommend for adoption by the city council emergency and mutual aid plans and agreements.

The Disaster Council of the City of Redlands shall consist of existing groups that support a strong team merging sectors of the community including elected officials, emergency management, first responders, volunteer services, major industry and commercial, healthcare and education.

Staff Liaison: Esther Martinez


Historic and Scenic Preservation Commission

The Historic and Scenic Preservation Commission advises the City Council on recommendations, decisions, and determinations concerning the designation, preservation, protection, enhancement, and perpetuation of historical, scenic, and cultural resources that contribute to the culture and aesthetic value of the City.

Staff Liaison: Loralee Farris
Council Liaisons: Denise Davis (primary), Jenna Guzman-Lowery (alternate)


Human Relations Commission

The Human Relations Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council and aids the City in achieving better human relations by providing assistance to all persons or groups in promoting goodwill and better relations among all people.

Staff Liaison:  Beatris Ordaz
Council Liaison:  Jenna Guzman-Lowery (primary), Denise Davis (alternate)


Library Board

The Library Board Trustees have the powers and perform the duties with regard to the public library and reading room and the care, management and control thereof, and of the books, property and funds belonging thereto, and who shall in the exercise of their functions conform to and be governed by the provisions of the state Education Code.

Staff Liaison:  Dr. Don McCue, Library Director
Council Liaisons: Paul Barich (primary), Denise Davis (alternate)


Municipal Utilities/Public Works Commission

Through the individual and collective expertise of its members, the Municipal Utilities/Public Works Commission (MUPWC) advises the Municipal Utilities and Public Works Engineering Department regarding the public acceptability of proposed plans, programs, and projects. The MUPWC meets at 4:00 p.m. on the 1st Monday of even-numbered months.

The MUPWC’s next regular meeting is Monday, October 4, 2021, at 4:00 PM.
Full Agenda Packet for Oct. 4


Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission

The Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission shall recommend to the City Council policies for the acquisition, development, maintenance and improvement of parks, public trails and open space areas, and for the planting, care and removal of landscaping and amenities in all parks, public trails and open space areas.

In addition, the Commission shall have the following duties relating to recreation:


Standing Commissions & Ad Hoc Committees

These standing committees are appointed by the City Council, are subject to the Brown Act, but are not created by Ordinance and have no specific length of service indicated.


Street Tree Committee

The Street Tree Committee makes recommendations to the City Council regarding City-owned street trees.

The Committee meets on the 4th Thursday of even numbered months.

Staff Liaison: Erik Reeves
Council Liaisons: Eddie Tejeda (primary), Paul Barich (alternate)


Traffic and Parking Commission

The Traffic and Parking Commission has the following duties:

  • Carries on educational activities in traffic matters;
  • Supervises the preparation and publication of traffic reports;
  • Receives complaints relating to traffic matters; and
  • Recommends to the City Council ways and means of improving traffic conditions and the administration and enforcement of traffic regulations. 

This commission also advises the City Council on


Utility Advisory Committee (UAC)

The Utility Advisory Committee (UAC) shall:

  • Review current water and wastewater rates, charges, and revenue requirements bi-annually;
  • Recommend water and wastewater rates that provide revenue which:
    1) Recover costs reasonably borne;
    2) Are equitable to all customer classes;
    3) Comply with all state and federal regulations; and
    4) May be easily ​explained to customers.
  • Prepare and present its recommendations to the City Council.

Chapter 3.41 of the City of Redlands Municipal Code