I Want To...


I Want To…

Adopt a pet
Reclaim a lost pet
License my pet
Apply for a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit (CCW applications are handled by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department)
Find the nearest RPD facility
File a Police Report Online

Schedule a Zoom meeting to report a crime
Arrange for extra patrol of my home or business during my vacation
File a late traffic collision report
Contest a traffic ticket
Resolve a traffic ticket
Pay or contest a parking citation
Have my fingerprints taken Make an Appointment (Fingerprinting & Property Pickup)
Register my bicycle
Submit a Commendation
Become a Police Department volunteer
View crime statistics and maps in my neighborhood


A Crime or suspicious activity
A bothersome, injured or dead animal
A code violation, abandoned vehicle or health and safety hazard
An anonymous tip
An Identity Theft
Graffiti or Blight


A copy of a crime or accident report
A Records Subpoena
A VISA Clearance Letter
My Citation Signed Off
My towed vehicle back
My stolen or confiscated property back

Learn about…

Adopting a pet
Citizen Informational Academy Crime Prevention
Commendations & Complaints
Holiday Safety Tips
Neighborhood Watch
Parking Citations
Ride along with a police officer
Responsible Redlands Initiative
Sex offenders in my neighborhood
Traffic Education
Volunteers & Partnerships
While You’re Away


Annual Reports
Citizens Privacy Council
Crime Stats, Maps & Analysis 
Department Organization
Honors, Awards & Tributes
Organizational Chart
Printable Forms


Public Information

The Public Information Officer (PIO) is responsible for the regular dissemination of public information about the Redlands Police Department to the media. The PIO hosts press conferences, writes press releases, writes articles for publication in magazines and newsletters, coordinates events with the Media Unit, networks with other PIOs and attends many events to represent the Police Department. The PIO also assists and coordinates with officers for speaking events and other community-oriented activities in town.

News releases from the Redlands Police Department are available to the press and the public online at the Redlands Police Newsroom, on Facebook and on Twitter.