Standing Commissions & Ad Hoc Committees


Standing Commissions & Ad Hoc Committees

These standing committees are appointed by the City Council, are subject to the Brown Act, but are not created by Ordinance and have no specific length of service indicated.

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Utilities Advisory Committee

Chapter 3.41 of the City of Redlands Municipal Code requires water and wastewater utility rates to be reviewed bi-annually by a Utility Advisory Committee (UAC). The primary goal of the UAC is to recommend water and wastewater rates for all utility customers based upon the cost of service and are in compliance with all state and federal laws. The UAC is comprised of 7 volunteers who are current City water and wastewater utility customers representing various customer classes.


City Council Appointed Ad Hoc Committees

These committees are established by the Council and are comprised of two representatives meeting in limited duration, with staff support, and are not subject to the Brown Act

FY 2019/2020 Budget Sub Committee
Committee Members: Mayor Foster, Mayor Pro-Tempore Davis, City Treasurer Robert Dawes

Meets on an as needed basis

Agenda - Meeting of 5-7-18
FY 2018-19 Budget