Program Objectives:

  • Efficiently deliver Capital Improvement Projects;
  • Responsibly manage & guide private land development projects;
  • Capitalize on opportunities to improve the effectiveness of services provided to the community;
  • Leverage State & Federal grant funds to implement significant capital improvement projects;
  • Preserve & extend the useful service life of public infrastructure in a fiscally responsible manner; and
  • Maintain a CIP noticing program to educate & inform the general public.

Sustainability Efforts:

  • Participate in Demand Response program designed for load-shedding;
  • Rehabilitate well & booster pumps with energy-efficient units;
  • Capitalize on building energy consumption & efficiency improvement opportunities;
  • Reduce pollutants & greenhouse gases by reducing traffic congestion;
  • Support sustainable transportation such as biking and walking;
  • Identify grant opportunities & emerging technologies; and
  • Promote the use of LED street lights & identify opportunities to replace existing HPS street lights.

Capital Improvement Program

The capital improvement program of the Engineering Division includes engineering and contract administration for major projects for streets, storm drains, parks, and various public buildings.


Standard Details & Specifications

Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Public Improvements can be found here.


Grading Permits

Grading Permits are required for any grading of 50 or more cubic yards of earth on property within the City of Redlands.



To schedule an inspection call the Inspection Office at least one full working day prior to any permit work at (909) 798-7597.


Encroachment Permit Inspection Request

To schedule an encroachment inspection, call the Inspection Office at least one full working day prior to any permit work at (909) 798-7597 or click on Read More to submit the Request an Inspection Form.


Private Development

General procedures for the submittal and review of off-site improvement plans for street construction, storm drain, and traffic signals, along with record maps.


Traffic and Parking

Traffic and parking requests, traffic studies and Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) for Larger Developments are handled by the Engineering Division.


Municipal Code