All of the department’s management and administrative functions are handled by the members of Engineering Division. The Traffic and Parking Commission reviews and makes recommendations regarding a host of traffic and parking related issues on City streets. Items can range from a request for a few feet of red curb to the need for new stop signs and traffic signals. Agendas are prepared on a monthly basis, staff reports are written and meetings conducted. Staff also assists as support to other commissions on an as needed basis.

Design & Project Development Section

The planning, development, design and implementation of various capital improvements projects is handled by the Design & Project Development Section. Projects are developed either with in-house design staff or through consultant services contracts.

Private Development Review Section

The processing of reports, plans and permits for private development is one functions handled by this division. Staff reviews Environmental Impact Reports for the drainage and transportation/circulation elements. All street construction, drainage, water, sewer, traffic signal and street lighting plans are checked by staff to assure compliance with adopted standards and specifications. Bonds are calculated and off-site permits issued. Division inspectors handle all inspections of off-site improvements, including water and sewer facilities.


Capital Improvement Program

The capital improvement program of the Engineering Division includes engineering and contract administration for major projects for streets, storm drains, parks, and various public buildings.


Downtown Reinvestment Program

The Downtown Reinvestment Program included the Orange Street/Redlands Boulevard Sidewalk And Landscaping Improvement Project, the Ed Hales Park Improvement Project and the State Street Planters Retrofit Project.