Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the residents of Redlands by enforcing local Building, Zoning and Public Nuisance Ordinances.

This Division is responsible for enforcing codes which address public health and safety issues, including regulations related to rubbish, garbage, specific nuisances, removal of vegetation, zoning, housing, dangerous buildings, and inoperable and unlicensed vehicles on private property. Enforcement actions are taken in response to requests for action received from residents.

Report Line (909) 335-4737

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Code Violation Process

The following information is a review of the code violation process. As time is required to allow the property owners to correct any violations, it is important for anyone reporting an issue to understand the necessary steps required to have violations corrected.

Post Municipal Code

Administrative Citation Appeal Request Form

In the event that you wish to appeal an Administrative Citation issued by the City’s Code Enforcement Division, please take the following steps:


Graffiti or Blight

Residents can submit graffiti and other blight through our online Civic Problem reporting page, or they can download the Redlands 311 app on their Apple or Android mobile devices. Users will receive updates to their service requests as they are addressed.