Redlands' Best


Redlands’ Best

What is Redlands’ Best?

In 2015, a group of local community partners launched an effort to promote tourism in the city of Redlands. Members of this tourism group represent a diverse roster of venues, organizations and businesses in the community that have a strong interest in promoting tourism and positively impacting the local economy.

The Redlands’ Best Tourism Partners Group – initiated three tourism-related projects which are listed below. 


Community Events Calendar

This effort has resulted in the development of an official community-wide events calendar that lists a variety of activities and events taking place in the city of Redlands. View the calendar here.

Tourism Branding Effort

This activity has brought a name and a face to the tourism efforts that are currently underway. The theme is “Redlands’ Best” and you may spot the images below on websites and other promotional materials in the future. So be sure to look for the Redlands’ Best logo and web buttons. When you see them, you’ll know you’ve discovered the best that Redlands has to offer.

Digital Tours

This effort provides a series of desktop and mobile friendly digital tours that provide users with an opportunity to explore unique venues and attractions in the city of Redlands.