Measure T

On July 2, 2020, the Redlands City Council voted unanimously to place Measure T, a public safety and city services measure, on the November 2020 ballot.   57.35% of the Voters in the 2020 election approved Measure T, allowing for the collection of a one-cent sales tax.

Measure T now generates roughly $18 to 20 million in local funding to preserve public safety, city services and local infrastructure.


Following passage of the measure, collection of the tax – an additional one cent on each $1 of taxable purchases – began on April 1, 2021. The City began receiving revenue from the tax in the summer of 2021.

Measure T: Redlands Local Sales Tax Measure for City Services

So far, Measure T has enabled the City to direct funding towards the following priorities:

  • Restore budget cuts suffered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic consequences
  • Address public welfare issues involving homelessness
  • Maintain police services including neighborhood police patrols, crime prevention and investigations
  • Reduce gang activity and drug-related crimes
  • Keep public areas, parks and recreation facilities well-maintained and free of graffiti and maintain public buildings and infrastructure including sidewalks, curbs and storm drains
  • Provide fire protection and paramedic services and replace outdated lifesaving and firefighting equipment

Fiscal Accountability Required

Citizen’s Oversight Committee

As part of our promise to voters, Measure T requires fiscal accountability protections. On Nov. 17, 2020, the Redlands City Council approved an ordinance to establish an oversight committee to review the sales tax revenues annually and advise the Council on the use of the revenues.

The Oversight Committee typically meets three (3) times per fiscal year. The purpose of these meetings are to review the Measure T budget for the upcoming fiscal year and to review the audited financials from the prior fiscal year.

The committee will consist of seven members, including one member appointed by each City Council member from their corresponding Council district, with approval by the full Council. Two additional members will be selected from the City’s employee bargaining units and appointed by the Mayor, with approval by the full Council.