Frequently Asked Questions
Local Needs in Redlands


What contributes to Redlands’ high quality of life?

Here in Redlands, we’re a big town with a small town feel. Our city has something for everyone — parks, local businesses, the A.K. Smiley Public Library, senior and youth programs, excellent public safety services and more.

As Redlands plans for the future in this difficult economic climate, the City is working hard to preserve city services and maintain residents’ quality of life.

What public safety challenges are facing the City of Redlands?

We’re proud that Redlands is one of the few cities in the County with its own Police and Fire Departments, guaranteeing local control and that our police and firefighter/paramedics are available when needed and not diverted to service other cities.

 Ensuring that the City has enough police officers and firefighter/paramedics to respond quickly to 9-1-1 emergencies is critical to keeping the community a safe place to live, maintaining response times and saving lives.

Additionally, reducing homelessness in Redlands is going to require additional public safety resources to help address the issue.

What other needs are facing the City?

The City is responsible for keeping our parks, roads, sidewalks, storm drains and other local infrastructure clean, safe and well-maintained.

The City continues to prioritize keeping up with basic repairs and maintenance to public facilities and local infrastructure. When these repairs are not resolved, they become a lot more expensive to repair in the future. With over 12 miles of damaged sidewalks and 15 miles of damaged curbs, an additional local source of funding would help the City fix its aging infrastructure and keep up with regular repairs.

What needs will Measure T address?

Measure T could address needs across the community, including but not limited to:

  • Restore budget cuts suffered as a result of the COVID‐19 pandemic and its economic consequences
  • Addressing the homelessness problem
  • Maintaining police services including neighborhood police patrols, crime prevention and investigations
  • Reducing gang activity and drug-related crimes
  • Keeping public areas, parks and recreation facilities well-maintained and free of graffiti and maintaining public buildings and infrastructure including sidewalks, curbs and storm drains
  • Providing fire protection and paramedic services and replacing outdated lifesaving and firefighting equipment

How do we know funds from Measure T would be spent responsibly?

Measure T would require fiscal accountability protections, including:

  • Currently, nearly all of the sales tax generated locally goes to the State or the County – all money raised by Measure T would stay in Redlands to address local needs
  • By law, no funds could be taken away by the State
  • A clear system of accountability would be required, including independent citizens’ oversight and annual audits
  • Groceries, prescription medicine and other essential items would be excluded from the Measure T

How much would Measure T cost?

Measure T is a one-cent sales tax that would generate approximately $18-20 million in local funding for Redlands public safety, local infrastructure and city services. For example, a one-cent increase would add one dollar to a $100 purchase.

How long will Measure T last?

Measure T will last until ended by voters.

Do sales tax measures affect essential purchases like groceries and prescription medicine?

No. By law, essential purchases like these are exempt from sales tax.

Who would pay for Measure T?

Measure T would not be a tax on property, meaning both local residents and out-of-town visitors would pay sales tax on purchases. Measure T would help ensure out-of-town visitors pay their fair share when they shop in our community.