Effective February 25th, 2021: The City of Redlands is accepting applications for field activities at Community Park, Brookside Park, and Texonia Park.  All organized youth sports and recreation— including school- and  community-sponsored programs, and privately-organized clubs and leagues — and adult recreational sports (hereafter youth and adult sports) must follow the current state guidelines. All field users must sign an Acknowledgement Form in agreeance to comply to all Federal, State, and County health guidelines.

Athletic Reservations are able to be made within the hours of :
Monday-Friday 4:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. and Saturday 8:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m

Fill out the Athletic Field Application and upon approval Redlands Recreation staff will review the procedures with your organization.


Current Sports Programs

Match Play Tennis Academy at ford park


Redlands Recreation First Tee Youth Golf

Escola Youth Soccer

State Updates Guidance for Outdoor and Indoor Youth and Recreational Adult Sports

Spectators and observers are now permitted to watch outdoor live events and performances under new guidelines issued by the State Department of Public Health late Tuesday.  Previously, there were limitations on spectators and observers – and observers were only allowed for “age-appropriate supervision” for sports participants under age 18.  That was further limited to a single parent or guardian.  No spectators were previously allowed for adult sports.  The new guidance also allows inter-team competitions, meets, races or similar events, but the competitions must only occur with other teams from within the State of California.  Previously, competition was only allowed between teams either from the same county, or with teams from counties that shared a border.  Now teams from all over the state may compete, but there is still a requirement that a single team can only play another single team in any given day, meaning that a team cannot play multiple teams in the same day.

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