Redlands Recreation

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The Redlands Recreation Division of the Facilities & Community Services Department maintains quality recreation facilities and services, and facilitates leisure opportunities to encourage healthy lifestyles choices that foster healthy living.

Our mission is to provide fun, safe, and informative programs to the community, recruit independent instructors who have the talent and motivation to inspire and teach, and provide affordable access to clean and safe facilities for rent. Our staff welcomes you to be a part of our effort in any capacity you are able to, whether participating or volunteering!

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CYSC All Stars – Youth Cheerleading
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For 27 years CYSC has supplied communities with a top-notch youth cheer programs designed to build the confidence, coordination & self esteem in all students in the program.

CYSC staff of Instructors/Coaches are trained by CYSC to insure that each student receives a quality lesson each week filled with fun routines and lots of SPIRIT!


Dog Obedience Classes
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Obedience training will increase your dog’s value as a useful, happy companion. A well trained dog can be put under control when needed, is more composed, thoughtful, and aware of his or her environment. A successful obedience training program will improve your relationship with your dog and can also protect you and your dog. This 9 week course is designed for dogs 6 months or older and daily homework is required.

Dog Obedience
Location: Redlands Community Center
Price: $97.00 

February 3rd – March 30th Mondays 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Click Here to Register