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Music Changing Lives is dedicated to providing music, art, and tutoring programs in America’s public schools and community centers while raising awareness about the importance of enrichment programs as part of each child’s comprehensive education and lifestyle.

Music Changing Lives currently operates in the Redlands Community Center to provide students with a safe enriching after-school space from 2PM – 7PM. Depending on enrollment, sessions may vary between group or one-on-one and are scheduled by appointment only. 

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Art Lessons

$50 per month

If you love to draw or paint and want to take your art to the next level, this class is for you. You will learn how to turn your ideas into strong art pieces, use tools that professional artists apply in their work, and build the foundational knowledge that opens up your own expression and style. Each week we learn key concepts, practice them together in class, and discuss what we worked on from our homework. You will be assigned light homework to solidify the concepts as you apply them to your own art. No prior art education is needed, but you will be asked to practice outside of class. We will cover how to practice so you can always make progress in your art. It will be fun, and the biggest reward is experiencing how your skills and art can grow.



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Vocal Coaching

$50 per month

Students will become more confident with their own sound. They will improve their own musical writing skills and will familiarize themselves with the recording studio, booth , and studio procedures. The growth in this class will improve their writing , recording, and producing their own song! (Vocal students are required to bring an instrumental version of the song they would like to record over)


Participants will learn all aspects of recording, beat-making, mixing, and engineering in an actual studio. The music curriculum will include the initial preparation stages of equipment setup and pre-production through the multi-track recording process, including mixing and mastering a finished product in stereo.

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Fast Biz


$50 per month


This workshop will be led by Josiah Bruny- award winning entrepreneur, acclaimed philanthropist, marketing expert.


An intensive discussion about what type of startup is best for you using our Fast Track Biz methodology to help any ideator, side-hustler, or startup founder, to identify the best structure for their entrepreneurial venture and potentially make it an investable entity.


This session will be a mix of discussion, practical exercises, professional mentoring, peer mentoring, and the key to the whole experience – structural foundation and customer discovery alongside basics of responsible money management to validate your whole approach.

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