Downtown's Morning Market


Downtown’s Morning Market

Our market experience operates on Saturday mornings along with the City’s Certified Farmers Market in the parking lot adjacent to Redlands Blvd. between 5th and 6th Streets. The market will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. during the spring, summer and fall seasons and include approximately 40 vendors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Downtown’s Morning Market hours?

The Saturday Morning Farmers’ Market is open from 9 am-1 pm every Saturday, except holidays. Please see our Weather Cancellation Policy for weather-related cancellations. The parking lot is closed to the general public for parking from 5 am-2 pm.

Can I bring my dog to the Downtown’s Morning Market?

Non-service animals are not allowed at the Saturday Farmers’ Market (Ordinance Sec. 12.40.110 RMC) without a permit issued by the City of Redlands.

Do you accept EBT/SNAP benefits?

Downtown’s Morning Market proudly accepts EBT/SNAP benefits. See the Market booth attendant to purchase your easy to use EBT script.

Can I smoke at the Downtown’s Morning Framers Market?

Smoking is not permitted at the Saturday Farmers’ Market. PER RMC 8.54.035.

What happens if the weather is poor?

The Market’s policy is as follows:


If the event has been canceled due to weather, a message will be put on the home page of the City’s Website and a refund or credit will be given if any fees were collected. Vendors can look up the weather at

Rain Policy: Staff will determine if an event will be cancelled due to rain by monitoring the evening’s forecast on the AccuWeather website the day before at noon. If the forecast predicts a 60% chance of rain during the hours of the event, the event will be cancelled. Should the weather defy the forecast, Redlands Market Staff will cancel the event if is raining before the start of the event and/or if the event area is significantly wet and unsafe for participants.

Excessive Heat Policy: Events will be cancelled if an Extreme Heat Warning has been issued by the City of Redlands during event hours.

High Wind Policy: Staff will determine if an event will be cancelled due to high winds by monitoring the forecast on the AccuWeather website the day before at noon. If winds are predicted to average 40 miles per hour or greater, or if wind gusts are expected at 58 miles per hour or greater during the hours of the event, the event will be cancelled.  In addition if trees and power lines are blown down in the surrounding area, the event will also be cancelled.  Nevertheless, all vendors are expected to have canopy weights with a minimum of 25 pounds per leg.  Any damage incurred by a vendor due to insufficient weights will be a t the expense of the vendor.

Can I use debit or credit cards at the market?

Each vendor differs. If needed, there are multiple ATM machines located in downtown Redlands.

What is a certified farmers market?

According to the California Federation of Certified Farmers’ Markets:

California Certified Farmers’ Markets are places where farmers sell their crops directly to the public. Before a farmer can sell at a “certified” farmers market, the farm is inspected by the Department of Agriculture to ensure that the farmer is growing what they are selling, then the farmer is presented with a “Producer’s Certificate.” This certificate is required to be in view of the public and can be viewed at any time if asked.

Why should I shop at a farmers’ market?

  1. You would support local farmers and businesses, which helps the economy.
  2. You’ll experience the higher quality and taste of fresh produce compared to store-bought products.
  3. You’ll know that you’re buying safe produce that has been handled with care.
  4. You’ll always get the best seasonal produce.
  5. There are lots of opportunities to connect with your community and to get to know your farmers.
  6. You’ll always find something new!
  7. You’ll discover where your food comes from and learn new things.
  8. It’s enjoyable for the whole family

Are prices higher at a farmers’ market than a grocery store?

Prices are often competitive, even lower than many supermarkets. Customers benefit from the reduced costs that are associated with farmers choosing to sell at a farmers market. Reduced packaging, less transportation, and no middle man, means better prices for the consumer- also, better quality!

Is it an organic market?

While many of our farmers meet several USDA organic standards, we are not an official organic market. Farmers that are classified as organic must have signage indicating so.

Learn more about federal standards for organic farming here.

How do I participate as a vendor?

You can click here to view the vendor rules and regulations and to submit an application

Vendor applications are accepted on a seasonal basis. Each application is reviewed by the Parks & Recreation Commission prior to acceptance into the Market.