Market Match
Double Your CalFresh Food Dollars

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Customers can spend their CalFresh EBT benefits at the City of Redlands Certified farmers’ market and double their food dollars with Market Match. This program matches your SNAP/EBT benefits dollar-for-dollar up to $15.00 and can be redeemed for fruits and vegetables from any certified farmer in our market. Stop by our City of Redlands booth for more information.

What is Market Match?

Market Match is a program of the Ecology Center and is funded in part through the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture. When customers use their benefits at farmers’ markets and other farm-direct outlets (farm stands, CSAs and mobile markets), Market Match provides matching funds, up to $15.00 daily. Market Match is only good for fruits and vegetables.

How does Market Match work?

Market Match

How does Market Match work? When a customer withdraws their SNAP benefits at the Farmers’ Market information booth in exchange for EBT tokens, they can receive an equal amount in Market Match tokens for free (up to $15 per person per day). Market Match is good only for fruits and vegetables.
When you use your EBT card at the farmers’ market, you can get extra money to spend on fruits and vegetables with Market Match. 
Watch the video to learn how it works!
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What are the benefits of Market Match?

Market Match makes it easier for families and individuals with limited income to afford fresh produce. Fresh fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet, but usually cost more than canned or processed foods. Market Match makes your CalFresh benefits go farther and makes local, homegrown produce more accessible and affordable while providing additional income for local famers.

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Learn How to Double Your CalFresh w/Market Match at The Redlands Downtown’s Morning Market