Business & Economic Development

Redlands is the location of choice for some of the top consumer, technology and healthcare companies in the country. Companies that continue to thrive in a community that blends the best of Southern California’s work and play lifestyle.

From a supportive business environment to an exceptional quality of life, from small-town appeal to big-city amenities, Redlands provides businesses and their employees with everything they need to build a brighter future.

Corporate residents enjoy attractive office, manufacturing/distribution and tech work environments; robust digital infrastructure; superior transportation corridors; aggressive lease/purchase rates and convenient higher education opportunities.

Add to that lifestyle amenities like a historic, walkable downtown, year-round cultural and recreational opportunities, a wide range of housing choices and a location within an hour of beaches, mountains and deserts, and you’ve found the perfect home for your business.


Information & Data

Key business data is a click away. Learn about Redlands’ demographics, quarterly sales tax reports, business or commercial search tools and more here. Need more information? Contact the Economic Development Division at (909) 335-4755 ext. 1.


Resources & Tools

Whether starting a new business or expanding an existing business, below are a number of resources that are available to business owners.


What tax rate applies to me and/or my business?


To find the specific tax rate for your home or business location, enter your address on this website:

The map will be updated every calendar quarter. 

As of April 1, 2021, all residents and businesses within the City of Redlands city limits will be subject to a sales tax of 8.75%. Use the link above to determine, by address, whether you are subject to the new rate.


Business Licenses

Business Licenses are required of all persons or corporations conducting business within the City of Redlands.


One Stop Permit Center

Please look below for access to the appropriate department web page for City permitting services.

The City of Redlands One Stop Permit Center offers a single place for residents and developers to submit and coordinate projects and plan checks to ensure efficient and effective service and support from Building and Safety, Planning, and Engineering personnel.

35 Cajon St Suite 15A
(909) 798-7551