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Surrounded by gorgeous mountains, Redlands is located approximately 60 miles east of Los Angeles, and 45 miles northwest of Palm Springs, which makes it an easy drive to reach mountains, beaches and deserts. The city is known for its Victorian and historical architecture, weekly farmers’ market events, Lincoln Memorial Shrine and the Redlands Bowl.

There are a variety of things in Redlands to see, do, explore, discover and participate in for both residents and visitors. Whether it’s dining, shopping, playing or staying, enjoying all that Redlands has to offer is what living the Southern California lifestyle is all about.


Discover Redlands

Discover Redlands AppDiscover beautiful Historic Downtown Redlands!  Easily find over 400 listings for dining, nightlife, shops, arts and cultural institutions, salons, services and more.  Keep up with the latest EVENTS citywide and view many other destinations and activities (hotels, museums, performing arts venues, family fun activities, just to name a few) beyond Downtown using the TOURS button which also features customized GPS-enabled directions.  


Redlands Tourism
A Destination Place

Atmosphere, Dining, and Shopping – Take a Stroll in Redlands!

Surrounded by gorgeous mountains, Redlands is located approximately 60 miles northeast of Los Angeles, and 45 miles west of Palm Springs which makes it an easy drive to reach mountains, beaches, and deserts.


Redlands’ Best

What is Redlands’ Best?

In 2015, a group of local community partners launched an effort to promote tourism in the city of Redlands. Members of this tourism group represent a diverse roster of venues, organizations and businesses in the community that have a strong interest in promoting tourism and positively impacting the local economy.

The Redlands’ Best Tourism Partners Group – initiated three tourism-related projects which are listed below. 



Downtown Redlands is the place to do your shopping! Shops with the latest styles of home decor, up-to-the-minute clothing, skate and snowboarding merchandise, antiques, and personal services are just a sampling of what’s available to you.



Redlands Accommodations

Whether you’re here for business or leisure, Redlands offers a variety of attractive, moderately priced accommodations that are located near restaurants, shopping areas and Redlands’ popular, historic downtown. There is plenty to see and do right here in the city, but Redlands’ central location also makes it a great starting point for day visits to the local mountains and deserts. 


Parks and Recreation

The Parks & Trails of Redlands provide the setting for many outdoor activities. 



Senior Services offers adults 55 years of age or older the opportunity to interact with other seniors in a warm and caring environment. We operate two senior center facilities that are dedicated to offering a variety of classes and activities including games, arts and crafts, computer classes, exercise and wellness programs and more.

Download the latest Coming of Age newsletter and see the wonderful activities and events we have for seniors.
Coming of Age - Summer 2019


City of Redlands Local Needs

Preserving Quality of Life and City Services in Redlands

Planning for the Future

The City of Redlands is planning for the future! Here in Redlands, we’re a big town with a small town feel. As our city continues to thrive, we want to preserve the quality of life and city services that make our community great.

Fiscal Responsibility

While the City is committed to fiscal responsibility and has created a balanced budget every year for the past 12 years, the scope of needs facing the City are greater than the current resources available.


Get Involved

Join your community in making Redlands the special place that it is.  Their are many opportunities to volunteer.  Find one that fits your interests.