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Interactive Tour Maps

Welcome to Redlands’ Best Interactive Tour Maps web page. Here you’ll discover some fun and interesting facts about Redlands and its unique venues and attractions. 

So grab your smartphone, bookmark a tour from the selections below, grab a friend and stop by for a visit. Each digital tour is mobile friendly and comes complete with an interactive map that will lead you from one great experience to the next!


Downtown Redlands Historic Tour

This downtown walking tour will take you back to the 1800’s as you stroll along Orange and State Streets where you’ll find a variety of present-day boutiques, shops and restaurants. Ah, but the buildings these businesses are located in…some are more than 100 years old and each has a story of its own…


Redlands “Sweet Treats” Tour

A visit to historic downtown Redlands wouldn’t be complete without taking some time out to savor a few sweet treats. After lunch, after dinner or after taking in a downtown event…almost anytime…is a great time for something sweet to eat. Here are a few downtown “sweet spots” that you may want to visit…


Treasures of Redlands Tour

These iconic landmarks, located throughout the community, can be seen in a day’s drive, but why not take some extra time to really explore what each venue has to offer. Some provide tours, many are free and all are worth a visit. Stay in local accommodations and plan a multi-day excursion!