Walking Tours


From the beauty of the Redlands School House to the charm of the Residence of E. A. Tuttle, a Walking Tour of Historic Redlands is the perfect way to spend your day.

With a group of friends or getting to know someone new, enjoy the sights of architecture from days gone by while you enjoy strolling through scenic Redlands.

Click here for the printable Walking Tour Map of Redlands.

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Redlands Brick Road

The beauty of our city is reflected in the dedication of its natives, current and past residents and friends. Redlands’ homes, schools, Redlands Bowl, the University Chapel and the mountain “R” mirror our feelings of civic pride. This pride now spans over 125 years of devoted people working to make our city “Beautiful Redlands”. You can see that pride in the old bricks that are laid with care and preserved on State Street today. These bricks have a grand history and are engraved with the names and dedications of Redlands’ citizens.

The Redlands Brick Road gives a detailed history of the bricks and their locations.