Facilities & Community Services

Facilities & Community Services Department
(Formerly the Quality of Life Department)

Facilities & Community Services personnel ensure Redlands residents, businesses and visitors enjoy City services and facilities including parks, recreation and senior services, trees, City-owned groves, solid waste removal and recycling, code enforcement, the maintenance of our street lights, traffic signals and streets as well as oversight of the Downtown area, Redlands Municipal Airport and Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery. All services and support are coordinated under comprehensive Green Initiatives.


Citrus Division

The City of Redlands owns 16 citrus groves throughout the City totaling 164 acres. They include Valencia Oranges, Naval Oranges, Ruby Star Grapefruit, and Rio Grapefruit.

The City’s citrus operation operates as an enterprise fund.  The revenue received from the harvesting of the crops is used to continue the care of maintenance of the groves.

City Owned Citrus Groves


Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the residents of Redlands by enforcing local Building, Zoning and Public Nuisance Ordinances.

This Division is responsible for enforcing codes which address public health and safety issues, including regulations related to rubbish, garbage, specific nuisances, removal of vegetation, zoning, housing, dangerous buildings, and inoperable and unlicensed vehicles on private property. Enforcement actions are taken in response to requests for action received from residents.

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Solid Waste

The City of Redlands, Solid Waste Division, currently services over 19,000 customers for solid waste, green waste and recycling services.  In addition to this service, the Solid Waste Division also provides roll-off services for the entire city of Redlands.


Streets & Lights Division

The Division provides general maintenance and repair of 314 miles of street, 90 miles of storm drains, 72 City-owned traffic signals, approximately 5,000 City-owned street lights and routine street sweeping services on public roadways within the City.


Street Trees

The Street Tree Division maintains approximately 53,875 tree sites located within the City’s right-of-way. The Trees Division, in partnership with the Redlands Street Tree Committee, is dedicated to the continued enhancement, maintenance, and care of this living asset.