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Zoning Districts

Section 18 of the Redlands Municipal Code is the City’s Zoning Ordinance. This establishes allowed uses and development standards for each zoning district. This means that there is a list of allowed uses and development standards such as minimum lot size, dimensions, maximum coverage, and maximum height. The City of Redlands has 35 Zoning districts and they consist of the following:

  1. A-1, Agricultural District (5 acre minimum lots)
  2. A-1-20, Agricultural District (20 acre minimum lots)
  3. A-2, Estate Agricultural (11/2 acre lots)
  4. R-R, Residential Rural District (1 acre lots)
  5. R-R-A, Residential Rural – Animal District (1 acre lots)
  6. R-A, Residential Estate (20,000 SF lots)
  7. R-A-A, Residential Estate -Animals (20,000 SF lots)
  8. R-E, Residential Estate (14,000 SF lots)
  9. R-S, Suburban Residential (10,000 SF lots)
  10. R-1, Single Family Residential (7,200 SF lots)
  11. R-1D, Single Family Residential (8,100 SF lots)
  12. R-2, Multiple Family Residential (8,000 SF lots)
  13. R-2,2000, Multiple Family Residential (12,000 SF lots)
  14. R-3, Multiple Family Residential(10,000 SF lots)
  15. A-P, Administrative Professional District
  16. A-P-C, Administrative Professional Commercial District
  17. M-F, Medical Facility District
  18. E, Educational District
  19. C-1, Neighbor Stores District
  20. C-2, Neighborhood Convenience District
  21. C-3, General Commercial
  22. C-4, Highway Commercial
  23. C-M, Commercial Industrial District
  24. M-P, Planned Industrial District
  25. M-1, Light Industrial District
  26. I-P, Industrial District
  27. M-2, General industrial District
  28. P, Off Street Parking District
  29. O, Open Land District
  30. T, Transitional District
  31. A-D, Airport District
  32. HD, Hillside Development District
  33. C-D, Civic Design District
  34. Airport Flight Zones
  35. FP, Flood Plain District

In order to see the Development Standards or allowed uses you may go to the Municipal Code On-Line, visit our office to request a copy of the district you wish to view, or go to the Zoning Button on the Planning Division Page. In addition the zoning is mapped on the City’s Official Zoning Map which is on display at the Community Development Department.

Zone Change

The City or an individual may wish to change a zone on a parcel of land. A proposed Zone Change must be consistent with the City’s General Plan, in accordance with State law. In order to file a request for a Zone Change, applicants must complete the Legislative Application Form, submit all required materials, and pay the applicable fee(s). Review of the proposal will include a review and recommendation by the Planning Commission, and the City Council who will ultimately make the decision. In addition, another requirement of this application may be a Socio-Economic Cost/Benefit Analysis (prepared by staff) to evaluate the economic effects of the proposal. For further information, please refer to the Development Process webpage.

A Zone Change modifies the land use district of a specific parcel. Another type of change is to a development standard, an allowed use, or other text in the Municipal Code, and is referred to as an “Ordinance Text Amendment.” This results in a change that code or development standard citywide for all parcels within that same zone. In addition to the Legislative Application and required fees, the applicant must submit in writing the proposed changes to the text of Title 18 (Zoning Regulations). 

If a Zone Change or Ordinance Text Amendment is contemplated, it is recommended that a potential applicant meet with Planning Division staff early (prior to filing a formal application) to discuss the proposal. Go to the Contact Us page for further information.

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