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NOTE: The Transit Villages Specific Plan became effective on December 1, 2022. Please go to the following page to view the Transit Villages Specific Plan districts (select Chapter 4 - Development Code):  

Transit Villages Specific Plan – Zone Map (click here)

Zoning Districts

Title 18 of the Redlands Municipal Code is the City’s Zoning Ordinance. and establishes the allowable land uses and development standards for each zoning district. The chapters within Title 18 (links provided below) provide the lists of permitted and conditionally permitted uses. Each chapter below also provides the relevant development standards, such as: minimum lot size and dimensions, maximum lot coverage, required yard areas, and maximum height. The City of Redlands zoning districts consist of the following:

To view or print the entire Zoning Code (Title 18 of the Municipal Code), click here:  RMC Title 18

Specific Plans

In addition to the standard zoning designations (by Title 18), a number of properties are within a Specific Plan. Some residential neighborhoods are within a residential-only specific plan (identified on the Zoning Map as “SP__”), and some commercial and multifamily residential areas on the west side of Redlands are within the East Valley Corridor Specific Plan (identified on the Zoning Map as ”EV/__”). To view some of the relevant documents, go to our Specific Plans & Community Plans webpage (click here). If a specific plan document you are interested in is not listed, please contact Planning staff for assistance. 

Zone Change

The City or an individual may wish to change a zone on a parcel of land. Any proposed Zone Change must be consistent with the City’s General Plan, in accordance with State law. In order to file a request for a Zone Change, applicants must complete the Legislative Application Form, submit all required materials, and pay the applicable fee(s). Review of the proposal will include a review and recommendation by the Planning Commission, and the City Council who will ultimately make the decision. In addition, another requirement of this application may be a Socio-Economic Cost/Benefit Analysis (prepared by staff) to evaluate the economic effects of the proposal.

For further information, please refer to the Development Process webpage (click here). If a Zone Change is contemplated, it is recommended that a potential applicant meet with Planning Division staff early (prior to filing a formal application) to discuss the idea or proposal. Go to the Contact Us page for further information.

Other Helpful Links

​Development in the vicinity of the Redlands Municipal Airport (REI) may also be affected by the policies in the Redlands Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP). Further information (including land uses, maximum occupancy or densities, noise contours, avigation easement or notice requirements, etc.) is provided on the Specific Plans & Community Plans webpage (click here)