Business License & Zone Clearance Application


Businesses in commercial areas need to obtain a Zone Clearance Form prior to the issuance of a business license. This is necessary to establish a new business, as well as to relocate an existing business in Redlands. Follow the link provided below to apply for a business license.

You will also need to complete a Zone Clearance form as part of the business license application process (to be routed internally to the Planning Division, Building & Safety Division, and the Fire Department).

To expedite processing of your application, please be sure to complete all questions and information on the Zone Clearance form where indicated.  This will be part of the online business license process.

Frequently asked questions

Q: If I want to change my business location in Redlands, do I need to update my business license? 
A: Yes, you will need to apply for a new business license with the new address. 

Q: If I need to change the ownership for the business, do I need a new business license? 
A: Yes, you should apply to obtain a business license with the new owner’s name. 

Q: If I want to change the type of business or use and keep my same location, do I need a new business license?
A: Yes, a change of use requires a new business license for the new type of activity. 

Q: If I want to operate a business from my residence, do I need a business license?
A: Yes, in most cases. In addition, you will need a Home Occupation Permit (click here).

how to apply for a city business license 

Go to the Revenue Division webpage to submit your Business License application form electronically (click here) and the Zone Clearance Form, and pay the applicable fees.  

PLEASE  NOTE:  In some cases, the business owner or operator will need to schedule a subsequent inspection by Building Division and/or Fire Department staff (subsequent to issuance of a business license). The inspection may be necessary prior to opening your business to the public. If you have any questions about California Building Code requirements, occupancy rating, possible inspections, or other steps prior to opening your business, please be sure to call the Building Division and speak with a permit technician.