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Building & Safety Division

The Building & Safety Division regulates construction and occupancy of all residential, commercial and industrial buildings in order to ensure life, fire and health safety. Prior to issuance of building permits, the Building & Safety Division performs plan check of all proposed construction projects which includes additions, and alterations to existing buildings.  Field inspections are performed on all new construction, additions, alterations and demolitions for compliance with all structural, fire, energy and life safety requirements.

The responsibilities of the Division also include providing the general public with basic construction information, seismic safety information, calculating of fees, and issuing building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and demolition permits.

Visit the Building & Safety Division located at:

One Stop Permit Center
35 Cajon Street, Suite 15A
Redlands, CA 92373

The One Stop Permit Center is open 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. It is closed alternate Fridays. Check the city calendar for closed Fridays.

Phone: 909-798-7536


If you would like to request a building inspection, you can use our online Building Inspection request form.

If you would rather call in, requests for building inspections can be received in the office of the Building and Safety Division between the hours of 7:30 am and 4:00 pm the day before the requested inspection. Calls that are received after 4 pm will be scheduled (2) days from the request. City Hall is closed every other Friday. Inspection requests received on a closed Friday will be scheduled for the following Tuesday. Please call 909-798-7536, option 1 to request an inspection. Building inspectors are available for questions by phone between the hours of 7:00 am and 8:00 am.

Inspection schedules for each day will be available after 8:00 am.  

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Forms & Applications

Authorized Agent Form - Property Owner
Building Permit Application
Department Sign-off Sheet

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) - Expedited Permitting: 

Checklist for Permitting Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS)
Resolution No. 7845 - Requirements for Expedited Review of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS)

Permit Extension
Property Owner Package
Re-roof Permit Application

Self-Certification & Verification Form For:

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Retrofit

Refund Request Form

Plan Check Requirements

2016 Green Building Code Mandatory Measures - Residential
2016 Green Building Code Mandatory Checklist - Non-Residential
Commercial Plan Check
Guidelines for Solar Plan Submittal
Residential Plan Check
Structure Design Criteria​
Tenant Improvement Plan Check


Do I Need a Permit
Necesito un Permiso?
In-ground Pool Demolition
Pool Barriers
Residential Bathroom Renovation
Residential Kitchen Renovation​
Residential Wood-frame Construction
Window and Door Replacement
Who Can Pull a Permit

Standard Drawings

ADA Single Use Restroom
Central Inverters
Drainage Piping Handout
Garden Wall Standard
Grease Interceptors 750-1500 Gallons
Grease Interceptors 2000-5000 Gallons
Micro Inverter
Patio Cover Standard
Pilaster Standard
Retaining Wall Standard
Sample Box
Solar Signage Requirements
Temporary Tent Structures
Water Heater Requirements