Municipal Utilities & Engineering

Municipal Utilities and Engineering


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Mission Statement

The mission of the Municipal Utilities & Engineering Department (MUED) is to provide reliable service to the community with professionalism, integrity, accountability, quality, transparency, and innovation.  MUED plans, designs, constructs, operates, and maintains Redlands’ physical infrastructure for the residents and businesses in the City, making our community a desirable place to live, work, and visit. 

MUED is responsible for delivering the following services to the City’s residents and businesses: 

  •  Utility Operations:
    • Water production and distribution;
    • Non-potable water distribution;
    • Wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal;
  • Engineering review and inspection of development proposals for compliance with State and City codes, standards, and other governmental requirements relating to land subdivisions, grading, drainage, and improvements within the City rights-of-way;
  • Management, rehabilitation, and replacement of infrastructures such as water mains, sewer mains, storm drains, streets, and traffic signals to provide reliable service to the community;
  • Development and construction of new public facilities to protect and enhance Redlands’ livability.

MUED is organized into three (3) divisions including Engineering (Capital Improvement Program), Utility Operations (Water, Non-Potable Water, and Wastewater), and Streets & Inspections.  In total, MUED employs 108 full-time and one (1) part-time utility professional. 

Departmental Goals

  • Preserve City Assets
    • Provide responsible leadership & management to preserve City’s physical assets & resources;
    • Optimize City’s physical assets to ensure reliability & exceed anticipated service life;
    • Maximize sustainable practices & ensure City infrastructure improvements support City’s mission to limit its environmental footprint;
    • Provide fiscally responsible water, non-potable water, & wastewater services;
    • Provide a safe, well-maintained, & efficient transportation system;
    • Provide storm drain capture & conveyance facilities to protect public & private property from flooding;
    • Ensure regulatory compliance by mandating MUED & vendor practices are consistent with all related codes & regulations; and
    • Develop & implement effective emergency management strategies to ensure continuity of services during & after significant events.
  • Provide Quality Customer Service
    • Promptly deliver requested services with the highest quality of workmanship;
    • Develop & train staff to effectively communicate with customers; and
    • Expand online self-service opportunities.
  • Ensure Employee Effectiveness and Satisfaction
    • Recruit & retain high-performing employees;
    • Provide resources necessary for employees to perform work tasks safely & efficiently;
    • Create & maintain a diverse workplace environment that encourages staff engagement, high-performance, & professional satisfaction;
    • Encourage professional development to prepare City employees for promotional opportunities; and
    • Emphasize the importance of employee leadership & accountability at all levels.
  • Establish Effective and Long-term Partnerships
    • Promote productive working relationships with City stakeholders, other municipalities, & regional partners; and
    • Expand collaboration with Education & Industry partners on technology projects.
  • Utilize Innovation
    • Leverage new ideas & technology to solve problems & accomplish City’s mission;
    • Create & sustain an organizational culture that encourages & supports innovation;
    • Optimize the use of emerging technologies; and
    • Improve data collection & promote data-driven decision-making.
  • Stimulate the Redlands Economy
    • Provide a One Stop Permit Center for the prompt processing of development permits in the City and guide developers through Departmental requirements, the Redlands Municipal Code, Measure U, & State regulations; and
    • Enhance Redlands economic curb appeal through smart growth. 
  • Encourage Environmental Protection
    • Collaborate with State, Regional, and Local agencies to promote environmentally sound policies & procedures;
    • Continually assess Redlands water sources (Santa Ana River, Mill Creek & Bunker Hill Basin) to monitor the health of each source; and
    • Implement the City’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) to ensure stormwater discharges comply with the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) permit.
  • Social Responsibility
    • Collaborate with local Universities & Colleges to encourage students to consider a career in municipal government;
    • Establish an apprenticeship program to mentor young professionals; and
    • Promote Departmental programs through community outreach at local events (Market Night, Redlands Bicycle Classic, & more).

Water and Wastewater

For more than 90 years, the City of Redlands has been in charge of providing high quality drinking water to the Redlands and Mentone areas. More than 75,000 residents in Redlands, Mentone, parts of Crafton Hills and San Timoteo Canyon, and a small part of San Bernardino depend on Redlands Municipal Utilities & Engineering Department to provide water service to their homes and businesses.



The City of Redlands Engineering Division provides quality engineering services for citizens of Redlands and the private development community. Engineering reviews capital improvement projects, private development projects, and manages construction of City infrastructure improvement projects such as street rehabilitation, water and sewer main replacement, and storm drain construction.


Streets & Lights

The Division provides general maintenance and repair of 314 miles of street, 90 miles of storm drains, 72 City-owned traffic signals, approximately 5,000 City-owned street lights and routine street sweeping services on public roadways within the City.



The Municipal Utilities and Engineering Department administers several programs to help the city fight pollution, conserve water, improve transportation and  reduce energy usage.



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