Office of the City Manager

Office of the City Manager

The Office of the City Manager oversees the city departments and administers the day-to-day operations of the city. It is headed by the City Manager. Emergency Management, the Public Information Office and Purchasing are also part of the Office of the City Manager.

The City Manager is Charles M. Duggan, Jr.

You may contact Charles M. Duggan, Jr., by any of the following methods: 

  • Office of the City Manager
    35 Cajon Street, Suite 200 
    P.O. Box 3005 (mailing) 
    Redlands CA 92373 
  • Telephone – (909) 798-7510  
  • E-mail –

City Administrative Policies and Procedures

The Office of The City Manager is responsible for maintaining and updating the City’s Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (CAPP). The City Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual is created so that City employees would be able to view general City policies and procedures in one central source. The policies and procedures contained within the City Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual reflect not only the City’s values as an employer, but also convey the standards that the City has for its employees.


City of Redlands Public Information Office

The Public Information Officer (PIO) is responsible for the regular dissemination of public information about the City of Redlands to the media. The PIO hosts press conferences, writes press releases and articles for publication in magazines and newsletters and helps coordinate public events. The Public Information Officer also oversees the City’s Government Access cable TV channels 3 (Spectrum customers) and 35 (Verizon customers). The Public Information Office includes the Redlands TV video unit, which produces original programming regarding municipal services for Redlands TV.


Purchasing & Vendor Resources

City of Redlands Purchasing Division serves as the central acquisition point for equipment and services. The Central Warehouse provides all types of commodities to all City departments. The Division establishes and administers the purchasing program consistent with Chapter 2.16 of the Municipal Code with such exceptions contained in Chapter 2.16, the sole authority for the purchase of supplies, services or equipment is vested in this Division. This division also handles items declared as surplus for redistribution, sale or disposal per the City Municipal Code.