Core Values


Redlands City Council, Clerk, and Treasurer, plus all other City employees and volunteers, commit to these values:

We Strive for Excellence and are Innovative

We aim to deliver the best service possible and measure quality outcomes and results. We strive to exceed expectations and to bring out the best in each other. We are flexible and adapt to the ever changing needs of our community. We seek traditional as well as nontraditional solutions and embrace creativity.

We are Fiscally Responsible

We take seriously financial stability and our stewardship in carefully managing and constantly ensuring the best use of all public funds and other resources.

We Seek Sustainability

We pursue sustainability as the key to optimal use of all resources. We measure progress through improvement to the health and wellbeing of our residents, environment, and local economy.

We are Responsive

As public servants we exist to serve Redlands citizens and to exceed expectations. That is and should always be our constant focus. We listen, are empathetic and take appropriate action. We pursue good and timely solutions, and are alert to modifying strategies in response to unintended consequences.

We are Fair, Honest and Act with Integrity

We align our values, words and actions. We are honorable, trustworthy and sincere. We consistently go not just beyond the legal minimum to do what is right, but strive for the highest moral and ethical behavior.

We are Accountable and Make Sound Decisions Based on Clear Rationale

We take responsibility for our decisions and actions. We are accountable to our community and to each other so that future generations will have as many opportunities available to them as we do today. We encourage and practice servant leadership.

We Treat Everyone with Respect

We acknowledge the dignity of every employee, citizen, resident, and visitor in our City. We work actively to eliminate barriers to full participation in community life. We conduct City business with courtesy, civility, and respect.

We Embrace Diversity and Inclusiveness

We value the strengths that result from varied experiences, ideas and perspectives. Our collective histories, both employee and citizen, and natural setting create the fabric that makes Redlands a special place to live, work, and play.

We Communicate Openly, Clearly and Frequently

We seek shared understanding with our community and across City organizations. We are engaged and our interactions are meaningful. We engage in participatory governance and transparent processes. We strive to create a culture of collaboration that encourages innovation, sharing of resources, and jointly shared accountability for results.

We Take Pleasure in the Work We Do

While maintaining a professional environment, we recognize the importance of building and maintaining an enjoyable workplace that will attract and retain quality employees. We value a sense of humor and remember not to take ourselves too seriously.