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State Controller’s Office website, Redlands Data

The City of Redlands recognizes its responsibility to provide comprehensive information to the public regarding compensation for both City employees and elected officials. While this information has always been available on request, in August 2010, The City of Redlands began posting salary and benefit information for all elected officials, directors and managers on the City website. In addition to salaries, the information included a comprehensive listing of benefits.

In October 2010, the State Controller’s Office required all municipalities in California to provide salary and benefits information for public employees. That information was then posted to the State Controller’s website to allow the public to compare salaries and benefits among cities and other government agencies. The State Controller standardized the information to include all compensation reported on an employee’s Federal W-2 form, which includes benefits. The City of Redlands, while already posting compensation information on its own website, also provided this information to the State Controller.

In order to avoid duplication of efforts, provide consistent information to the public and allow for direct comparisons with other cities, the City now provides a link directly to the State Controller’s website with compensation data for all City of Redlands employees and elected officials.

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The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) requires each agency to post a single Form 806 (FPPC Regulation 18705.5 amended March 2012). Form 806 reports additional compensation that officials receive when appointing themselves to positions on other boards, commission or committees of a public agency, special district, and joint power agency/authorities. Each agency must post a single Form 806 listing all paid appointed positions including the date appointed, length of term and stipend amount.

FORM 806 Agency Report – Public Official Appointments 2023