Revenue Division

The Revenue Division is responsible for the collection of all fees, taxes and penalties owed to the city, safekeeping of the funds invested, and deposited in various financial institutions.

The Division issues business licenses, dog licenses, transient occupancy tax forms, yard sale permits, and residential parking permits to the public. We provide information of City service,  collection of payments for city utility bills, invoices, fees and permits for all city departments and investment revenue for city funds.

How to contact us  by phone or email

How to make a payment

  • For Business Licenses - call or email using the information above.  Payment can be made online at, over the phone, or mail a check to the City of Redlands Business Support Center, 8839 N. Cedar Ave #212, Fresno, CA  93720
  • For Utility Bills – call or email using the information above.  Payments can be made online at , online with your bank, or by placing a check/money order/cashier’s check in the Revenue Drop Box, located on the wall by the Revenue Division Suite 15B.  Remember to please allow sufficient time for your payment to arrive by the due date on your bill.
  • For Permits - call or email (909) 798-7536,  Payments and backup need to be mailed or placed in a drop box location based on the direction of the Permit staff.
  • All Other Payments will need to be mailed to the address below or put in the Revenue Drop Box, located on the wall by the Revenue Division Suite 15B.  We are unable to accept non-utility bill payments online or any in-person payments at this time.

MAIL UTILITY PAYMENTS TO:  City of Redlands, PO Box 6903, Redlands, CA  92375

MAIL ALL OTHER PAYMENTS TO:  City of Redlands, PO Box 3005, Redlands, CA  92373

REVENUE DROP BOX LOCATION:  City of Redlands, 35 Cajon Street, Suite 15B, Redlands, CA  92373 – on the wall by the Revenue Division Suite 15B



Make sure to include your payment stub/invoice with your payment.  Your cancelled check will be your receipt.

Residential Parking Permits

Permits may be issued for parking in Preferential Parking Zones. (RMC Chapter 10.42.050 Permit Issuance)
Residential Parking Permit Application

Yard Sale Permits

The City of Redlands requires City residents to obtain a Yard Sale Permit prior to holding a yard sale.  Yard sale regulations can be found by clicking (RMC Chapter 5.68 Yard Sales).

Yard Sale Permit fee is $10.00.
Make checks payable to City of Redlands.

To obtain a Yard Sale Permit please complete and submit a Yard Sale Permit Application online or in person at the customer service address below. Once the application is approved, payment can be made in person or through the payment drop box.  Applications are processed Monday through Thursday until 12:00 pm. Payment must be received no later than noon on the Thursday preceding the yard sale date.  Holiday closures may affect the day and time payment must be received.

Customer Service 
35 Cajon Street, Suite 15A
Redlands, CA 92373

Payment Drop Box is located next to
Revenue Division

35 Cajon Street, Suite 15B
Redlands, CA 92373