Redlands Recreation Volleyball
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Redlands Recreation Volleyball

Cost: $60 per month

Ages: 8-18 Co-Ed

Through the expertise of Redlands Renegade, our volleyball recreational league will create an environment that is fun and physical to the standards of USA volleyball youth sports and teach volleyball skills of all levels. From beginner to advanced club level for girls and boys.


The Volleyball Recreational League will consist of practice the during the beginning of the program and it will progress to scheduled games. With registration at the beginning of each month.


A time frame will be assigned to a player. With 60-90 minute block based on skill level on first day.

Beginner: 3:45-5:00

Intermediate: 4:45-6:00

Advanced: 5:45-7:00

Club: 6:45-8:45

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*Call the Redlands Community Center if interested in club level at (909) 798 7572 before registering