Traffic and Parking


Traffic and Parking Requests

The City has a Traffic and Parking Commission consisting of seven members. The members are appointed by the City Council. Traffic requests are referred to the Traffic and Parking Commission. The requests can involve any type of concern regarding traffic, including stop signs, speed limits, potential hazard areas or other concerns. The Commission makes recommendations to the Council.

The Traffic and Parking Commission also considers requests concerning parking on city streets and in city owned parking lots. The requests are made and processed in the same manner as traffic requests. The request can concern no parking zones, timed parking, loading zones or other issues.

The Commission meets on the fourth Thursday of each odd numbered month. Requests can be submitted by filling out the Request For Agenda Item form and returning it to the Traffic and Parking Commission by mail. Requests should be addressed to the Municipal Utilities and Engineering Department.

Traffic Studies

The Engineering Division does traffic studies of various types, including speed surveys, traffic counts, level of service studies, and stop sign and traffic signal warrant studies. The Division also keeps records of traffic counts.

Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) for Larger Developments

For larger developments in the City, Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) are requires. These studies predict the traffic generated by the development and the incremental impact that the traffic will have on the street system. The TIAs in Redlands are usually done using the East Valley Subarea Traffic Model which is administered by the City of San Bernardino. Depending on the size of the project, there may be requirements to improve the traffic system as a condition of development, such as installing signals, adding turning lanes, or other improvements.

Very large developments are required to do a TIA per the Congestion Management Program. This is a program which is mandated by the State of California and is administered locally by San Bernardino Associated Governments. There are specific criteria which determine whether this type of study is required. This type of TIA includes calculation of the cost of mitigating the impact of traffic from the development on area streets and freeways.