Property and Evidence


The Evidence Section, which is staffed by Forensic Technicians, maintains custody of all property recovered by the police department either from a crime scene, or found property turned in by citizens, or property taken as safekeeping. We currently maintain approximately 10,000 items in inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the police have auctions?

Redlands Police does not have auctions. General Auction collects the property and they handle the sale of the items

Can I come to the police department and see if my property is there?

Public viewing of bicycles is permitted upon request. Viewing of evidence is not permitted unless a police report has been filed and you are invited to identify your property.

What does the police department do with old evidence and property?

Evidence that is no longer needed by the court, and the owner is known, may be released when the case has been cleared by the court. Evidence that was used in the commission of a crime will be destroyed.

Property that has been taken as safekeeping is available after 72 hours, with exception of firearms. Property taken for safekeeping will be destroyed after 90 days if not claimed. Notification is not made prior to destruction due to the fact the owner already knows that the property is in police custody. Proof of ownership is required to get property released.

Found property is held for 90 days, then destroyed. Every effort is made to determine the owner prior to destruction.

What is the procedure for getting firearms returned?

All firearms taken by the police department will be held until a background check has been done through the California Department of Justice.

Firearms used in the commission of a crime will not be returned without a court order. Any person who has a felony conviction, assault, battery, domestic violence or any other conviction that prohibits the possession of a firearm cannot claim a firearm.

A firearm taken from a juvenile will not be returned.

Proof of ownership is required which could mean a receipt from a licensed firearms dealer and/or registration to that person.

Firearms left with the police department will be destroyed after one year unless needed as evidence in a crime. Then it will be destroyed one year from the date of judication of the case.

Can a minor claim his or her property?

No minor can claim property unless accompanied my a legal guardian over the age of 18.

Can someone pick up my property on my behalf?

Yes, you can request that we release your property to a designated individual over the age of 18 by completing the Request for Release of Property Held by Redlands Police Department Notary Form.  The form must be notarized, and the designated individual must present identification in order for the property to be released.

Can our organization get bicycles to give to needy families?

Yes, only to a recognized charitable organization that preforms safety repairs prior to giving them away. Each bicycle must be licensed with the city.

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Property is only released on Mondays and Thursdays from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm by appointment only. Make an appointment online or call (909) 798-7684. Required:

  • Proof of ownership and a picture I.D
  • A copy of the police report if the property is recovered stolen property

Questions regarding Forensics? Email Forensics.
Questions regarding Evidence? Email Evidence.