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Redlands Police Department
Electronic Home Surveillance Program

Submit a Vacation House Check Request

Your home can be a target of opportunity for burglars when you are away on vacation. The Redlands Police Department wants to help protect residents’ property from opportunistic thieves with a new vacation program designed to catch criminals in the act.

Beginning in September 2013, Redlands residents can contact the Redlands Police Department before leaving for any extended period of time and arrange to check out a small tracking device that can be hidden on items of value that are particularly attractive to burglars, such as home electronics, safes, or other items.

The motion sensitive device is activated once the resident leaves on vacation. Any movement of the device will set off a signal that sends a text to both the resident and the Police Department. Officers can then use tracking software with the device to quickly locate the stolen property and the thief.

The Police Department purchased the first devices with asset seizure funds, designated for non-General Fund purposes. There is no cost to participate in this program but in order to sustain the program, the police department is asking for voluntary donations to help offset the monthly service fee the Police Department has to pay. In addition, the department is seeking donations to purchase additional devices. The cost of each device is $450 plus a $30 per month service fee.

Residents or businesses wishing to take part in the program will be required to complete the to two online forms at the bottom of this page in order to start the process.

If a resident or business owner desires to take part in a long-term deployment of a device, the resident or business owner may make a donation to fund the full cost of the device. The person funding the device will be able to use the device during the entire funding period.

Any individual or organization wishing to donate toward the purchase and operation of additional devices may contact Travis Martinez at (909)557-6583 or tmartinez@redlandspolice.org

The tracker device program will augment the Police Department’s successful Vacation House Check program. Residents going away for an extended time can arrange with the Redlands Police Department for frequent vacation house checks by trained Citizen Volunteer Patrol members.

Below are the application and the waiver. Please complete both forms prior to picking up the device. To set up appointment to obtain a tracking device or if you have any questions regarding the program please email ehsp@redlandspolice.org.


Tracker Waiver

Caught in the act