Citizens Privacy Council


In June 2007 the Redlands Police Department formed the Citizens’ Privacy Council to provide input and advice on department policy in its use of surveillance cameras.

The council will help the Redlands Police Department in their efforts to balance the use of surveillance cameras in public areas to enhance community safety with the citizens’ right to privacy.

The council will also advise the department on the use of diverse sets of data from a variety of city departments, schools, public health systems, community groups, victims and others to map factors that contribute to crime and disorder.

Downtown surveillance cameras were approved by the City Council in November 2006. The cameras are a part of the Redlands Police Department’s strategy to leverage existing technology as “force multipliers.”

One of the advantages of the system is the ability it gives police to intervene during a crime in progress or even before a crime occurs.

The cameras, which are monitored by Redlands Police dispatchers, have aided in the apprehension of burglars and drunken drivers and have been instrumental in preventing assaults downtown.

The council meets monthly at the Redlands Police Annex, 30 Cajon St.

Citizen Privacy Council Documents

Citizens Privacy Council members

Citizens Privacy Council Mission Statement

Citizens Privacy Council Guiding Principles

Citizens Privacy Council Adopted Bylaws

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