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Where can I view maps and analysis of crime and safety-related information?

See the website, or select from the following:

How can I map and review police activity near an address or other location?

See for basic crime mapping and sign up for regular emailed reports of crime around your address. For a basic map of reported crime, send us an e-mail that includes an address, your e-mail and phone number, and a general reason for the request.

Supporting those who support a safe Redlands…

The members of the Crime Analysis and Technology Unit provide strategic, tactical and operational support for decision-making, both for the Department and community, and employ technology to prevent, intervene and suppress crime.

Crime Analysis is provided by Crime Analyst Amy Varela, who analyzes police and community data to support initiatives, pursue Department priorities, and fulfill requests from throughout the community. They employ CrimeView and ArcView software to meet administrative and management demands, and provide direct support through identifying crime trends and patterns. When a crime is witnessed, the pair use specialized software to create composite sketches, and produce wanted bulletins that are distributed to the community and other law enforcement agencies.

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