Zoning Verification Letter


To verify the zoning designation of any property within the City of Redlands, you may utilize our online Zoning Map (click here) which provides the property’s zoning designation.


You may also request a “Zoning Verification Letter.” A Zoning Verification Letter is a formal letter from the Planning Division that includes information about the following:

  • Existing zoning designation of a property; 
  • Whether a specific use is permitted or conditionally permitted;
  • Whether a specific use was legally established (if sufficient information is available); 
  • Any previous zoning entitlements or land use authorizations;
  • Applicable rebuild clauses (see RMC Chapter 18.184);
  • Zoning for adjacent/abutting properties; and,
  • Any special zoning overlays.

A Zoning Verification Letter does NOT include or provide: 

  • Any inspections or determinations by the Planning Division regarding the conformity or nonconformity of any on-site improvements or existing physical conditions (such as building setbacks, number of parking spaces, percentage of the site that is landscaped, percentage of parking lot landscaping, fences or walls, etc.);
  • Building permits or records; 
  • Engineering permits or records; 
  • Fire Dept. permits or records; or,
  • Information about any Code Enforcement violations.

To request copies of Building, Fire, or Engineering permits, you would need to contact those departments directly. You may also file a Public Records Act request (see below).

To request information about any Code Enforcement violations, you would need to contact the Code Enforcement Division regarding the availability of any records.

How To Apply

Submit a written request (letter or email) to the Planning public counter at the One Stop Permit Center (click here). The planner on duty will generate an invoice, and the filing fee must be paid to formally file your request. 

Application Fees:

  • Zoning Verification Letter – Basic ……….   $541.00 
  • Zoning Verification Letter – Research ….   $787.00

If you submit your request in writing, we use a standard letter response. If you wish to include some type of specific language or information on the letter, please specify that in your letter request. In some cases, it may not be possible for staff to respond to all specific items or information requests (depending on availability of information or records for a given property).

It may take 1 to 2 weeks to process this type of request.

Records Requests

If you do not need a Zoning Verification Letter but still want copies of Planning records, you may file a separate request (frequently for no cost). To request copies of previous entitlements or other public records, you may submit a Public Records Act Request on the City’s webpage here - https://www.cityofredlands.org/recordsrequest.