Facilities & Community Services Permits


Recycling Specifications

Recycling Ordinance

The City of Redlands Ordinance 2544 establishes requirements for recycling by specified development activities to facilitate the City’s compliance with State recycling mandates, remove architectural barriers to recycling, and ensure the recycling of construction and demolition debris.

Below are a variety of publications to help ensure that your development plan follows the proper guidelines set forth by the City of Redlands and the Municipal Utilities Department Solid Waste Division.

This information is also available on a disk at our offices by request at 35 Cajon Street, Suite 15A. For additional questions and information please call (909) 798-7529.

City of Redlands Recycling Ordinance 2544

Recycling and Trash Enclosure Specifications

Enclosure Specifications – Design Specifications and Standard Plans for Recycling and Trash Enclosures and Access.

Enclosure Plan Drawing

Site and Building Recycling Specifications

Site and Building Recycling Plan Forms

Model Plans – View model plans to help you properly fill in your forms.

Office Development
Restaurant Development
Retail Remodel
Warehouse Development

There are a variety of companies that can help you with your construction recycling. Download  information on area Recycling Companies .

Barricade Rentals

Barricades are only rented to recognized non-profit/civic groups located within the City of Redlands.

Barricade Rental Form

Film Permits

The City of Redlands promotes a positive atmosphere for production companies wishing to film within City limits. A film permit is required for all filming done within the City of Redlands. We have a simplified permit procedure designed to coordinate all your production needs with City health and safety requirements.

Please contact FCS Admin at FCSAdmin@cityofredlands.org or the One Stop Permit Center at 909-798-7551 ext 7.

Download the Photography/Filming Permit Application.  
It is the City’s policy that downtown businesses be provided a two week notice of any and all road closures/construction affecting the downtown area.

 If the party is requesting the closure of a sidewalk or street they are additional actions that must be taken.

The requesting party responsibilities are:

  • Personally notifying the businesses along State Street between the filming area(s)
  • Supply the counter tech with documentation stating the business name and employee notified.
  • Post “no parking” signs 48 hours prior to road closure (signs must be posted on street lamp or street sign.  No posting of signage on trees is allowed)
  • Signs must be removed at the end of the event
  • Abide by all other requirements outlined in the Film Permit and Road Closure Permit

 City staff will perform the following:

  • Social media notification on City platforms
  • Email notification to downtown businesses

Download a map of the Downtown Filming Notification Requirement Areas.

Park Reservations

The use of the City of Redlands’ parks by groups of 50 or more people require a permit. Reservations are currently required for the Redlands Bowl in Smiley Park, and the Avice Meeker Sewall Theater in Prospect Park. Group picnic tables located in Sections “A” and “C”, the gazebo and the covered picnic area in Sylvan Park can also be reserved.

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Prospect Park Sign Request

Rental of the sign area at Prospect Park is limited to Redlands not-for-profit cultural organizations advertising a local event.

Prospect Park Sign Request Form

Permit to Trim, Plant or Remove Public Trees

Trimming, Planting or removing trees in the public right-of-way require a public tree encroachment permit.

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