Adopt-A-Trail Program

Bike Riders with Adopt a Trail Sign

The Adopt-A-Trail program has been established for community and civic organizations, as well as private businesses to contribute towards the effort of maintaining beautiful and clean City owned trails in Redlands. Redlands’ Adopt-A-Trail program encourages community residents and organizations to adopt City owned trails and keep them weed and litter-free. The adopted areas are to be cleaned every 4 weeks in an effort to maintain a healthy environment, and to produce feelings of pride in our beautiful City.

Who Can Adopt A Trail

Volunteers make a commitment to pick up litter and perform weed abatement on the designated trail a minimum of once a month for a one- to two-year period. Volunteers are encouraged to monitor conditions on their section of the trail and report any problems to City staff members for follow up. There is no cost to participants associated with the program; the City provides all necessary supplies.

Safety Guidelines

Clean-Up Report
Volunteer Waiver of Liability

Acknowledgement and Recognition

  1. Contact the Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator
  2. Review the Safety Guidelines.
  3. Obtain, sign and return the and Volunteer Waiver of Liability forms. Completed forms are reviewed by staff and processed.
  4. Once an Adopt-A-Trail proposal is approved, the Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator will schedule a time for the group to pick up their supplies for each volunteer. This includes: trash bags, safety vests, and sturdy gloves. The Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator will continue to work with the adopting organization’s lead contact person.
  5. Following each cleanup event, adopting organizations will contact the Adopt-A-Trail coordinator via e-mail or phone to send notification as to where the bags of collected trash are located. Please allow sufficient time for notification, as City Hall is closed on alternating Fridays. If you’re event is scheduled for Thursday or Friday or on the weekend, please note that the earliest that trash will be collected is Monday or Tuesday unless there is a holiday that falls on a Monday, in which case, the trash may not be collected until Tuesday or Wednesday.
  6. Following each cleanup event the group’s contact person will submit a cleanup report detailing the date and location of cleanup, number of volunteer hours and number of trash bags collected and a location for pickup. Clean-Up Report
  7. In return for completing scheduled clean-ups and clean-up reports for the designated trail every four weeks for a period of one to two years, the groups are recognized with signage located along their designated trail sections, indicating the group’s title that has adopted the trail.