Communication / Dispatch

Shayna Walker, Operations Manager
(909) 798-7611

Bryan Lawson, Supervisor

The Communications Section is a significant component of the Police Department, providing a vital link between the community and public safety personnel. Communications personnel are often the first contact in a citizen’s emergency situation. Communications personnel interpret the individual’s needs and coordinate the response of appropriate services to meet those needs. These highly trained individuals are responsible for providing assistance to callers on more than twenty-five incoming telephone lines including 911 emergency, alternate emergency and business lines. In addition to answering the multitude of phone lines, communications personnel are tasked with dispatching calls via radio and a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. They also monitor over a dozen different radio channels. These radio channels include all of the frequencies utilized by the various units of the department, local government and other allied agencies. Dispatchers use a unified channel to link a Redlands Police Department officer with officers from other area agencies. This radio link capability is especially useful during vehicle pursuits into other jurisdictions and when responding to mutual requests for assistance.

The Communication Section also utilize a variety of cameras from various locations in town to support responding units on calls for service and by providing an additional resource to ensure site security at the various locations. The Communications Section implemented the ability for members of the community to contact the Communications Unit through a 911 e-mail system which is currently one of the only such systems in San Bernardino County. The Communications Section is currently allocated 13 full-time dispatchers, one supervisor who respond daily to hundreds of telephone and radio calls.


When should I call 911?

The emergency 911 system should be used to report emergency situations that are in progress or just occurred, such as traffic collisions, fires, medical problems and crimes. To report incidents that are not life threatening or do not require the immediate response of emergency personnel, calls should be made to the business line at (909) 798-7681.

Why should I report minor thefts, vandalism or losses my insurance company won't cover?

Whenever you are the victim of a crime you should report it so that the activity can be tracked and potential crime trends noted. By doing this you may alert the department to a problem we were not aware of and save other members of the community similar losses. If you choose to report an incident with no suspect information, the Department’s online reporting system allows you to do so at your convenience without leaving your home or work. For more information, click here: here

I wish to report a minor incident, but don't want to trouble an officer with responding to my home or business. What can I do?

You can stop at the main police building to file a report. In many instances the required information can be gathered over the telephone to complete any needed report, which is a time saver for all involved. You may also file an online report here.

Can I report my peace being disturbed even though it is not after 10 p.m.?

Yes. While the common rule of thumb suggests that you can only report loud noises, music and similar disturbances if they occur after 10 p.m., these incidents can and should be reported at any time of the day or night when your personal peace is disturbed by the activity.

I'm going to be away from my home or business for a period of time, can I arrange for extra patrol?

Yes. To make a request for extra patrol of your home or business call the business line at (909) 798-7681 and ask for a Vacation House Check. The dispatcher will obtain the needed information and forward the request to the patrol officers working the area and also to the Civilian Volunteer Patrol for periodic checks of the property. You may also file your request onlinehere.

How do I file a police report online?

Go to Report a crime and follow the links for filing a police report online

How can I find out if there are any sexual predators in my neighborhood?

Go to

How loud does music have to be before I can have a police officer respond to my neighbors residence?

A call for service can be taken for anything that is disturbing your peace. A police officer will respond and determine if it is unreasonable.

How can I find out about any crime happening in my neighborhood?

Go to and you can sign up for alert emails for your area

Where do I need to come to have a fix it ticket signed off?

Cite Sign-offs are signed off at 1270 W Park Ave Bldg C. We can only sign off on Redlands Police issued tickets.

How do I report graffiti in my neighborhood?

You can either report online or thru Quality of Life at (909) 798-7655 or (909) 335-4715

How do I get a copy of a report?

You need to contact records at 909-798-7614 and verify the report is available for pick up. When the report is ready, it can be picked up at 1270 W Park Ave between 10:00-5:00pm Monday-Thursday (closed holidays)

How do I get a vacation house check/extra patrols for my area?

Go to Vacation House/Extra Patrol Request and follow the links for filing a vacation house check or extra patrol

How to become an Exemplary Dispatcher

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