Request a Building Inspection


Please use the form belowto submit a request for a building inspection.

Click here to see today’s inspections. (Updated at 8 and 9 am).

Please note that the City is closed weekends and every other Friday, and inspection schedules are subject to Holiday Closures. Please check the calendar to see which dates we are closed.

We do not do same-day inspections or schedule inspections when the City is closed. Inspections will be scheduled no earlier than the next business day. If your request comes in after 4:00 pm, your inspection will be delayed by one business day. Please check our website the day of your inspection to verify your place on the inspection schedule.

To cancel a previously made inspection fill in the required fields with the same values you used to schedule the inspection and check Yes next to Cancel this Inspection at the bottom of the form.

Inspection requests for the next business day must be made by 4:00 pm. If the request is made after 4 pm the inspection will be delayed one business day.

A confirmation will be sent to the entered email address.

If a second email address is added the form will be emailed to that address also.

Do not select a same day inspection. Inspection dates are subject to City Hall closures. From December 23 to January 5 the following days are available for inspections. December 23, 26, 30 & January 2, 3