Redlands Bowl and the Mission Gables Bowl House

Redlands Bowl

The Redlands Bowl in Smiley Park can actually trace its heritage back to the King of Spain in 1769.  Ownership of the land passed through Mexico to the U.S. Territory of California in 1848 and was then awarded to Jose Del Carmen Lugo and eventually to Albert Smiley, one of Redlands “Patron Saints”.  The city of Redlands came into ownership in 1898.

The Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival was begun in 1924 by Grace Stewart Mullen, founder of the Redands Community Music Association.  She believed the music should be enjoyed by all and dreamed of Redlands having a performing arts venue comparable to the Hollywood Bowl, with the only exception: there would be no admission charge.  It has remained an admission free venue hosting world class concerts for almost 100 years.

At 8:00 p.m. every Tuesday and Friday, June – August