Pavement Management Program (PMP)
Pavement Accelerated Repair Implementation Strategy (PARIS)


Pavement Accelerated Repair Implementation Strategy (PARIS) Program:

The PARIS Program was the final part of the critical comprehensive Pavement Management Program (PMP) as it identified methodologies to implement the PMP and finance the program. Within the PARIS Program, pavement life-cycles, deterioration rates, opportunity costs, contributors to pavement deterioration, and potential funding sources were all identified. Also included was a method for identifying, quantifying, and recovering costs associated with the damage caused by the major contributor to pavement deterioration, i.e. City operated utility vehicles. Additionally, the PARIS Program illustrated how the City’s limited funding for maintenance would result in the street degradation rate accelerating significantly over time. Finally, a strategy that increases the City’s pavement condition index (PCI) to approximately 80 in five years through use of various funding sources was given.