Pavement Management Program (PMP)

Municipal Utilities and Engineering Department have updated a citywide Pavement Management Program (PMP 2020). In developing this program, the physical condition of City street surfaces were evaluated, rated, and the projected life cycle determined. The PMP further identifies a schedule for maintenance and reconstruction of City streets at the appropriate time in order to extend their overall life-expectancy in the most efficient and economical manner. In addition, the PMP establishes a comprehensive process to prioritize rehabilitation of the City’s roadway system and will be used as a powerful tool in the decision-making process in order to best utilize the City’s available financial resources.
Other advantages of this program include:
  1. Improving the quality of the City’s streets in a fiscally responsible manner;
  2. Implementing a plan that considers both immediate and long-term needs;
  3. Promoting transparency by educating public on the decision-making process involving selection and utilization of street improvement funds throughout the City.

Pavement Management Program (PMP 2020) click here

Pavement Management Program (PMP 2012) click here