Inclusionary Housing


This page provides information about inclusionary housing requirements in Redlands. 

Inclusionary Housing Requirements

The City Council adopted the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance on July, 2023, and the ordinance became effective on August 5, 2023.

The following provides a general overview of the provisions of the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance.

Applicability: Inclusionary requirements apply to Residential Development that includes 10 or more dwelling units. 

Exemptions: The inclusionary housing ordinance does NOT apply to the following: 

  • Residential developments of nine (9) or fewer housing units.
  • The reconstruction of any structures that have been destroyed by fire, flood, earthquake, or other act of nature provided that the reconstruction of the site does not increase the number of residential units by three or more.
  • Residential building additions, repairs or remodels; provided that such work does not increase the number of existing units by three or more.
  • Residential developments that have been deemed complete by the City pursuant to Government Code Section 65589.5 or 65943 as of the effective date* of this ordinance.  Further, for residential developments that have been deemed complete by the City pursuant to Government Code Section 65589.5 or 65943 within 45 days of the effective date of this ordinance, the inclusionary housing requirement shall be reduced by 50%. [*The effective date was August 5, 2023.]

For-Sale Projects: Require a minimum of 5% of units for Moderate Income households.

Rental Projects: Require one of the following as a percentage of the total number of dwelling units within the development. 

  • 5% Low Income units and 7% Moderate Income units; or
  • 5% Very Low Income units and 5% Moderate Income units; or
  • 9% Low Income units. 

Alternative Means of Fulfilling Inclusionary Housing Obligations: As an alternative to constructing inclusionary units, all or a portion of the inclusionary housing requirement may be fulfilled through the payment of an In-lieu Fee (see Resolution No. 8528), subject to the following: 

  • For-Sale developments of any size may pay an In-lieu Fee by-right.
  • Rental developments with 22 or fewer units may pay an In-lieu Fee by-right.
  • Rental developments with 23 or greater units may pay an In-lieu Fee, subject to approval by the City Council (upon a demonstration that providing the affordable units would create an unreasonable economic hardship due to such factors as project size, site constraints, and/or excessively large affordability gaps).
  • Refer to Resolution No. 8528 for more information about the In-Lieu Fee amounts.

Off-Site Inclusionary Units: An option is available for Rental residential developments (not For-Sale developments) to construct inclusionary units off-site. Refer to Sections 18.230.070 and 18.230.110(B) for further information. 

Land Dedication: An option is available for developers to dedicate land to the City as an alternative to constructing the required inclusionary units within the development. Refer to Section 18.230.110(C) for further information. 

For more detailed information, please review Chapter 18.230  of the Redlands Municipal Code (click here).

In Lieu Fee Amounts

Supplemental Application Forms

Use the following Supplemental Application Forms when submitting a Development Application for a housing project. 

Supplemental Application Form (Ownership units)

Supplemental Application Form (Apartment units)

Download and save the form to your desktop, and you can then fill-in form fields with information and insert electronic signatures.