Fitness @ Home
With Redlands Plymouth Village


plymouth village a human good community

Plymouth Village, a HumanGood senior community right here in Redlands, the Life Engagement and Fitness team is recording fitness classes and making them available online. These workouts focus on easy movements and stretches you can do from the comfort of home standing or seated, for any ability level. It’s important to keep moving! Check out all the fitness videos on the HumanGood Youtube channel 

Getting Started 

An excellent way to start your at home fitness routines with instructor Catherine Ferguson. This 20 minute seated workout requires no equipment and provides easy step by step instruction.

Sit Buster Stretching

Instructor Catherine Ferguson will show you simple sit busting stretching from a comfortable chair to get your circulation going in this 25 minute video.

Heart Healthy Cardio

Instructor Catheringe Ferguson brings you a 3 part aerobic routine intended to promote a healthy heart. Each video having a 10 min run time.

Home Fitness Classes for Older Adults

Fitness instructors from various HumanGood communities share easy fitness routines so you can stay healthy and fit from the comfort of home. Perfect for adults 65+.