Eligibility Lists


Eligibility  lists  will  be  established  and  certified by  the  HR/Risk Management Director or his/her designee following all applicable examinations. The eligibility list will consist of names of applicants with composite scores of at least 70 percent.

The Office of Human Resources will forward the top three (3) candidates to the hiring manager for consideration.  If more than one vacancy exists, up to 3 
candidates will be forwarded per vacancy.  If no selection is made, the hiring manager may request to review additional candidates from the eligibility list.  

Eligibility lists shall be valid and in effect for a period of one year.  An eligibility list may be extended upon the recommendation of the Department Head and 
by action of the HR/Risk Management Director for additional six month periods, but in no event shall a list remain in effect for more than two years.

HR/Risk Management Director may declare a list invalid and announce a new recruitment and examination period. In the alternative, the HR/Risk Management Director may make a temporary appointment until eligible candidates can be certified after appropriate examination.