Development Impact Fees


The following information may or may not apply to your specific development, depending on the type of development application and the necessity for off-site improvements that may be required by the Municipal Utilities & Engineering Department. For information regarding any of these items, contact the Municipal Utilities & Engineering Department at (909) 798-7698. 

Development Impact Fees cover all Public Works Department fees related to impacts on facilities resulting from development. Fees cover Transportation, Storm Drainage, Parks and Public Facilities. Fees are due at the time of building permit issuance.

Development Impact Fees for Water and Waste Water

Processing Fees (Resolution 8045) cover all services provided by the Municipal Utilities & Engineering Department. These fees and service charges are most recent at the time of publication of this document and are subject to change. Fees are due at the time of submittal of the appropriate application or request for service.

For further assistance when calculating relevant fees, please contact the department by stopping by the One Stop Permit Center at City Hall (Suite 15A) or calling:
Art Creef – 909-798-7585 x.5
Alan Collett – 909-798-7585 x.4

The Development Impact Fee Study and Report provides background information on how the Development Impact Fees were calculated.

ARCHIVE OF IMPACT FEE nexus studies (since 1/1/2018)

Impact Fees and Capacity Fees for Accessory Dwelling Units (2018)