Classification Plan


1. Implementation of the Classification Plan

The HR/Risk Management Director, after consultation with heads of effected departments shall recommend a classification plan for all classifications in the competitive service that includes but is not limited to the following for each classification:

a.   the classification title;

b.   a description of typical duties and responsibilities;

c.   the functions of the classification;

d.   statement  of  the  desirable  training,  experience  and  other  qualifications  of applicants for the classification;

e.   whether the classification or any of its duties are safety-sensitive.​

The HR/Risk Management Director shall ensure that all positions within the same classification are substantially similar with respect to duties, authority, character of work, and schedules of compensation.

2.  Periodic Updates

From time to time, and not less than once every two years, the HR/Risk Management Director will review the classification plan to ensure that it is accurate and make amendments to reclassify or add positions or classifications or to make other changes as necessary or appropriate.

3. Adoption by City Council

The classification plan or any amendment thereto, will become effective only upon adoption by resolution of the City Council. Upon adoption the classification plan or any amendment will take immediate effect.

4. Assignment of Classifications to Bargaining Units.

Assignment of classifications to employee units of representation will be at the sole discretion of the City Manager and in accordance with the Employer-Employee Relations Resolution.